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5 Things You Should Know Before Buying Window Treatments

January 19th, 2018

Window treatments are the kind of thing that have a huge effect on a space, but may not necessarily be the first thing you notice upon entering a room. When it came time to select our window treatments for #CSBungalow, we were working within a pretty specific set of needs: we wanted them to offer significant privacy from the outside, but still let in a ton of natural light for photos (and overall happiness!) We also wanted them to be pretty inconspicuous, and therefore versatile in the many photo shoots we produce in our space.

In the end, we partnered with the amazing folks over at The Shade Store to find the exact right roller shades for our needs. Working with them was a breath of fresh air amidst construction madness, and to top it all off, we love the finished product. We also learned a lot throughout the process, and we’re excited to share our newly found expertise with you guys today!

featured image by molly culver for camille styles

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