Camille Styles

Treats That Will Trick You Into Ditching Your Bad Halloween Decorations

October 5th, 2018

Attention craft and party stores of America: your Halloween decorations need a serious makeover. We’ve been over the kitschy orange, black garland, inflatable ghosts, and rubber spiders *not subtly* falling from the trees for awhile now. Admit it. Most of the time, we spend way too much time and money buying Halloween decorations that look cheap and smell like old warehouses. When done best, home decor is simple with a thoughtful layering of textures, textiles, and colors, and this year, I am liking Halloween done the same way.

Decorating your home for costume parties and trick-or-treaters is fun and exciting, but it’s also time-consuming and can get expensive quickly – especially if you’re trying to keep up with all the holiday overachievers on your block. But here’s the thing: Halloween decorations don’t have to be tossed in the trash – or worse, the garage, never to see the light of day again – come November 1. This year, we’re removing the pressure to transform our homes into full-blown haunted houses, and are opting for decor that will last throughout the Fall season. From not-so-spooky curb appeal to beautiful fall table scapes, we’ve rounded up our favorite finds and tips for Halloween decor that will make your home feel festive and fun, while still remaining sophisticated and cozy. Trick, or chic? Scroll on for some serious Halloween eye candy.

featured image by molly culver

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  1. Dana Sikand says:

    I guess it may be time to finally retire that plastic glow in the dark skeleton I bought in college! I love all of these ideas. Thanks for sharing!

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  3. Beth Bullard says:

    Hi, I love the phases of the moon wall hanging that is on the wall. Did you make that or buy it somewhere? I love all these ideas and honestly have been doing some of these for awhile (since the kids moved out 🙂 Thanks for styling it all a little bit more new-ish for me!

  4. These are some excellent tips to decorate Halloween the off beat way!

  5. Eme says:

    I love these ideas for Halloween decor, I especially love the white pumpkins but they’re so hard to comedy in the UK. Thanks for sharing

    Eme x

  6. Natalie says:

    I feel like I’m the only person who doesn’t celebrate Halloween.

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