Camille Styles

These Statement Light Fixtures are Worth the Price Tag

June 29th, 2018

I think a lot of people are in the dark when it comes to knowing the power of a great statement light fixture. When decorating a new space or updating an old one, a stunning fixture can reset the tone of an entire room and make big mic drop design statement.

I like to think of lighting the same way I think about a great piece of art; the perfect piece for just the right spot seamlessly ties everything else in the room together. If you’re looking to highlight the architecture of your home, or trying to find that missing decor piece, start saving for a statement light fixture. A standout fixture is an investment but, like any great piece of art, it’s one that you (and your home) will never stop reaping the benefits from.

We rounded up some of our favorites below. Hopefully they will inspire you to find something unique and tailored for your own style—so you can experience the same firework grand finale moment we felt when we finally found the one for the #CSBungalow.

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