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13 Haunted Hotels (We Totally Want To Check In To)

October 31st, 2017

Okay, so “Thirteen Haunted-Looking Hotels” would probably be a more accurate title for this round up of gorgeously dark and vibey hotels from around the world. We cannot confirm or deny the presence of spirits in these gothic getaways, but we’d love to book a room and find out for ourselves. From Charleston to Morocco, these thirteen hotels from around the globe seem to be calling to us on a supernatural level. Message received: we’re dying to check in.

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We wanna know...

Have YOU encountered a real ghost? Tell us everything:

  1. Vivien Smith says:

    What about the Menger Hotel in San Antonio??

  2. Rogen says:

    Really great hotels

  3. Elly says:

    It seems that there’s a ghost in Dalen Hotel (Dalen, Norway), in room nr. 17. The hotel is magnificent from both the inside and the outside. It’s called the fairytale hotel and is situated in a beautiful location in Norway. Unfortunately I’ve seen the hotel only from the outside. I hope I get the opportunity to see the interior of this hotel once.

    You can read about the history of the hotel and the ghost at the website of Dalen Hotel:

  4. diane smith says:

    Thanks for giving us a glimpse into these magnificent places to stay!
    Perfect for a “thrilling” time!

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