13 Haunted Hotels Around the World That We Totally Want to Check Into

Would you dare to stay at one of these spots?

By Jenn Rose Smith
hotel riad dar darma marrakech

Okay, so these aren’t just haunted-looking hotels—this roundup of gorgeously dark and vibey hotels from around the world are seriously specter-filled. And while we cannot scientifically confirm or deny the presence of spirits in these gothic getaways, but we’d love to book a room and find out for ourselves. It doesn’t have to be the spooky season to enjoy some of the most haunted hotels around the world, whether you prefer to take a peek at some photos and read up on the history or if you’re bravely determined to experience it IRL.

If you’re a fan of all things creepy then you are probably familiar with some of these hotels, but there are quite a few that you may not have heard of. No matter where you want to go around the world, there’s a haunted hotel for you. We’ve got famous historical characters and everyday people who suffered misfortunes.

From San Francisco to Paris, these thirteen haunted hotels from around the globe seem to be calling to us on a supernatural level. Message received: we’re dying to check-in. Read on to take a stroll down spooky lane.

chateau marmont

1. Chateau Marmont

Why it’s haunted: There are quite a few spirits allegedly hanging around the iconic Hollywood hotspot, including photographer Helmut Newton who died there in 2004 after his car crashed into an entryway. Most notably, there have been claims that guests have seen the ghost of comedian John Belushi, who passed away from a drug overdose while staying in Bungalow 3 in 1982.

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st. pancras london

2. St. Pancras Renaissance

Why it’s haunted: This gothic London hotel doesn’t only look haunted, it’s also replete with stories of ghostly visions of people in Victorian clothes, including a man whose legs appear to be missing. Guests can even speak to a resident historian about the building’s storied past—both physical and metaphysical.

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omni homestead

3. The Omni Homestead

Why it’s haunted: Looking for a turn of the century haunting? The Omni Homestead (one of the oldest resorts in the country) is home to the ghost of a woman who died by suicide after her fiancé left her at the altar. She’s said to wander the 14th floor aimlessly, stopping guests and employees for the time in the hopes that she’ll get the hour that her soon-to-be groom comes back for her.

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queen anne hotel

4. Queen Anne Hotel

Why it’s haunted: Interested in a cozier haunting? Once a school for girls, this beautiful Victorian building is said to be haunted by Miss Mary Lake, the former headmistress. She allegedly looks after the guests who stay in her former office in room 410. Guests have reported having their clothes unpacked for them and others have woken up in the night to find their blankets are snuggly tucked around them.

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chicago athletic association

5. The Chicago Athletic Association

Why it’s haunted: Once a members-only institution, this historic building is as spooky as it is beautiful. Rumored to be haunted, this iconic hotel has old-school vibes and modern, high-end amenities. It’s the best of both worlds.

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fontevraud hotel

6. The Fontevraud Hotel

Why it’s haunted: This French hotel located in the Loire Valley has undergone multiple transformations that contribute to its haunted reputation. the 12th-century abbey is the burial place of Richard the Lionheart and Eleanor of Aquitaine and has been everything from a monastery to a prison.

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the langham hotel in london

7. Langham Hotel London

Why it’s haunted: If it’s a cast of ghostly characters you’re looking for, then the Langham is the place for you. It’s haunted by the ghost of a German prince who jumped out a fourth-floor window, a doctor who murdered his wife then took his own life while on their honeymoon, and Emporer Napoleon III, who spent his final days in exile at the hotel. If you want the spookiest hotel stay ever, book room 333, the most haunted of all.

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castle lucia

8. Castello della Castelluccia

Why it’s haunted: Satisfy your dreams of staying in a haunted castle in this Roman medieval Castello della Castelluccia. It is supposedly haunted by several ghosts, including Emperor Nero and a local alchemist who was struck and killed by lightning. It’s said that you can even see and hear ghostly horses galloping around at night!

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amberley castle

9. Amberley Castle

Why it’s haunted: Get your Meghan Markle on at this isolated medieval Sussex Castle that was once inhabited by members of the house of Tudor. If you’re lucky you’ll be visited by the spirit of a servant who wanders the grounds waiting to avenge her death 700 years ago at the hands of a bishop. Book the Herstmonceux room if you want the full spooky experience.

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andrew jackson hotel nola

10. Andrew Jackson Hotel

Why it’s haunted: Considered one of the most haunted hotels in NOLA, this building has been the site of many heartaches. Once a boarding school and orphanage for boys who lost their parents to the Yellow Fever epidemic, the building caught fire in 1774 and five young boys died. Guests have reported being woken up to laughter, being pushed out of bed, and seeing the orphans’ caretaker fluffing pillows and cleaning up rooms. Others claim to have seen the hotel’s current namesake, President Andrew Jackson, roaming the halls.

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the palace hotel sf

11. The Palace Hotel

Why it’s haunted: This stunning hotel is known as a hotbed of paranormal activity. Its most famous ghost is the Lady in Red, who is rumored to walk the hallways and through walls, looking for businessmen who travel alone. Some guests say she is looking for revenge, others say she’s a succubus, and come morning, her victims are found in their beds paralyzed with fear. On the slightly more benign side, a French girl dressed in centuries-old clothes haunts the hotel’s kitchen asking for soup along with a friendly ghost who likes to tap people on the shoulder.

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historic old bermuda inn

12. The Historic Old Bermuda Inn

Why it’s haunted: This bed and breakfast inn was built in 1832 by the Mesereau family, and both guests and employees alike have reported seeing the silhouette of the long-passed Martha Mesereau. When paranormal investigators came to the inn they were mysteriously unable to film in Martha’s room, despite the cameras working in other areas of the house. Locked doors open on their own, strange noises are reported, and once a painting caught on fire for seemingly no reason at all.

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fairmont banff springs hotel

13. Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel Canada

Why it’s haunted: If you’re looking for both friendly and tragic ghosts, then this is your destination. Aside from being absolutely stunning, this hotel has a couple of ghosts that are considered regular guests. One is a bride who fell down the stone staircase during her wedding and the other is Sam the doorman, who worked at the hotel until 1975 and vowed to come back and haunt the place. He supposedly helps people with their bags before disappearing. Creepy, but also sweet!

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