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Easy Holiday Decorations That Use Grocery Store Ingredients

November 20th, 2017

Growing up, the holiday event I looked forward to more than anything else was the night we decorated the Christmas tree. We’d turn on holiday tunes, pour mugs of rich cocoa topped with plenty of marshmallows and get to work unpacking the boxes of ornaments we’d brought down from the attic. Later that night, we’d watch classic movies with bowls of popcorn as we savored the sight of our decked-out tree twinkling in the background.

I always remember unpacking the gilded walnuts my mom had made one year — simple shapes that added a touch of shine and a traditional vibe to the tree. Maybe that’s why I so strongly associate walnuts with the holidays; or maybe it’s the fact that some of my favorite treats at this time of year include walnuts as a main ingredient. As the first post in our new holiday series with California Walnuts, we’re sharing three handmade decorations we created using walnuts. I love the organic touch they add to any holiday table — and stay tuned for some deliciously unexpected ways to use them in the menu, too! Keep scrolling for the DIY details.

photography by kristen kilpatrick

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