As much as we adore the sunny afternoons and dips in the pool, our hair suffers the consequences of all that summer fun. On top of the usual product build up and heat styling damage, chlorine, sun and salt water aren’t exactly your hair’s BFF. And to make matters worse, the season’s ponytails and buns that help us survive the summer heat can also cause breakage.

So whether you’re looking to protect that pricey hair color or just want to nourish your locks, we’ve rounded up the best masks for healthy hair for all concerns, textures, and budgets. With active ingredients like manuka honey, vitamin E and shea butter, these masks will get your hair back in shape.

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Hair Issue: Damaged Strands

If your hair is brittle, fragile and breaking from one too many highlighting sessions (or just too much time at the beach), try one of these repairing masks. They’re also great for preventing damage, so don’t wait to use one until your hair is desperate. Bye bye split ends!

Oribe Gold Lust Transformative Mask
Rich in vitamins A, D, E, and F, baobab oil this nourishing hair mask restores overworked hair to a youthful state. This treatment penetrates strands to rebuild each fiber improving elasticity, softness, body, and brilliance. Hair made dull from heat styling or over processing is renewed to its healthiest, glossiest state.

Pantene Pro-V Intense Rescue Shots
Camille’s secret to her lush locks, Pantene’s Intensive Repair Shots are uber affordable and work to undue damage from all the heating, straightening and styling.

Olaplex Hair Perfector No. 3
A holy grail staple for hairstylists everywhere, Olaplex’s hair treatment is truly magic in a bottle. This mask helps to restore life to brittle, over-processed and fragile hair on a molecular level by healing broken bonds caused by chemical, thermal, and mechanical damage, restoring a healthy look and feel to hair.

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Hair Issue: Dry Strands

For some of us, no matter what we do, our hair always seems to be dry. Add sun, water and heat styling and your hair is as parched as ever and veering into scarecrow hair territory. Keep your hair smooth, moisturized and happy with one of these ultra-hydrating masks.

SheaMoisture Extra Moisture Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque
For when your hair requires some immediate restoration, this buttery cocktail of manuka honey and mafura oil fights frizz and has great slip so the product penetrates into the hair shaft seamlessly.

Drybar Mudslide Nourishing Hair Mask 
Tackle unruly hair with this intensive mask that delivers instant but long-term results by hydrating and strengthening hair with moringa seed oil and yuzu oil for a silky-smooth, shiny finish.

Living Proof Restore Mask Treatment
Promising to protect from future damage by strengthening hair to become 20x more resistant to breakage, this mask is the one your future hair will thank you for. It’s especially a miracle worker for those suffering from dryness caused by excessive coloring.

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Hair Issue: Fading Color

Nobody wants to drop a pretty penny and spend three hours at the hair salon only to have fading color two weeks in. Protect and preserve your glossy color or sunny highlights with these protective masks.

Kiehl’s Since 1851 Sunflower Oil Color Preserving Deep Recovery Pak
Give your color-treated hair a revitalizing boost of healthy shine with this nutrient-rich mix of sunflower and apricot oils, delivering essential fatty acids and a UV-protective filter to extend color vibrancy.

Redken Color Extend Magnetics Deep Attraction
This mask’s dual chamber design includes two different formulas: a mask that provides intense conditioning, and an extender to provide ultimate vibrancy that lasts up to three washes. So not only does it boost shine and smooth frizz like any decent hair mask, but zinc gluconate works to keep dye where it belongs—in your hair.

Christophe Robin Shade Variation Care Nutritive Mask
Let’s face it. It’s just tough to protect colored hair from fading and dryness once summer hits. With this reviving mask, you can neutralize and / or boost your color and buy yourself some time before your next colorist appointment. Plus, it comes in multiple shade options!

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