A Special Holiday Card Offer

By Camille Styles
Holiday Cards

Minted Holiday Cards!

Can’t believe it’s already that time: I was up late last night narrowing down our holiday card selection for this year. I’ve mentioned before that I have a tradition of getting most of my cards written, addressed, and ready for mailing during the long Thanksgiving weekend, and I realized that since we’re only (gasp) 10 days away, I better get in gear! When everyone’s settled into their turkey coma, I curl up in front of the fire with my cards and a cup of tea, and it’s such a soothing ritual to kickoff the holiday season.

This is my fourth year in a row to order our cards from Minted; I love their luxury paper and unique designs sourced from their community of independent artists around the world. This year they’re offering ALL of our readers an exclusive discount on their cards, and it is a good one. Read to the bottom to find out what it is, as well as see the cards that made it to the top of my consideration set.

Minted Holiday Cards!

1. Completely Custom Cards – I love that you can do a completely custom letterpress or foil-pressed card now. How cute are these cards where they take your or your child’s drawing and transform it into a personalized design? Also, all of Minted’s cards come with a variety of backer options to add additional photos and customization options.

Minted Holiday Cards!

2. Letterpress Photo Cards – These cards combine digital photography with centuries-old letterpress printing to create the most luxurious cards. Rich vibrant inks are deeply pressed into 100% cotton paper using an old fashioned Heidelberg Windwill.

Minted Holiday Cards!

3. Real Foil-Pressed Holiday & Christmas Cards – Hand-pressed foil designs come in gold, silver & rose gold foil, and are now available in Minted’s unique die-cut shapes.

BookletteTM card from Minted

4. Booklette Cards – You can share tons of photos and memories with these cool Booklette cards. With rounded corners & 8 pages printed on luxe paper, Booklette cards are the modern version of an annual newsletter.

Minted Holiday Cards!And: quite possibly my favorite part of ordering my cards from Minted is that they offer FREE recipient addressing for a limited time. You can choose from a variety of unique envelope designs and then upload your recipients address – and it makes getting them signed, sealed and delivered that much easier.

Minted Holiday Cards!

And now for the exclusive offer that Minted is offering our readers this year! Enjoy $30 off your holiday card order of $100+. You just need to enter here by Monday November 23rd at 11:59pm PT to receive your unique code that is good through the end of the year!