This Chic New Company Will Change the Way You Think About Fundraising

By Megan Leihgeber

Boon Supply

Remember the days when we walked door to door trying to convince our neighbors to buy cookies, cutlery, or, if you were like me, waited until after the holidays to start selling that awful Christmas wrapping paper, only to fail and beg Grandpa to buy some out of pity? Raising money for my school seemed like the most daunting effort, as a shy and opinionated (why do we need this in our lives?) youngster.

Boon Supply makes it easy to make a difference. Their everyday goods are sustainable, useful, and beautiful. Plus, they give 50% to one of our favorite nonprofits, Every Mother CountsWe’ve teamed up with Boon Supply to offer healthy recipes in their inaugural Spring 2018 catalog, so check out the movement on their website and find out how you can get involved!