Weekend Notes

By Camille Styles
simple & pretty christmas wreath

simple & pretty christmas wreath

Morning, glories. ‘Tis the season for multiple nights out in a row, and I’m easing into this Sunday morning with a big cup of Earl Grey (and maybe a couple of Advil, too.) It’s so easy to succumb to the overwhelming nature of the bustle, but this year I’m really trying to stay calm and actually look at the string of holiday parties as a chance to connect with friends I don’t get to see very often at other times of the year. So far, it’s been a blast. This is also THE weekend when I’m planning to conquer the last of my online gift orders, so I’m going to be perusing our gift guides to find ideas for those final few people on my list. What are all of you up to? I’d love to hear in the comments – and let us know how you stay sane during the craziest time of the year! Also, my favorite links from around the web lately…

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