3 Things I’ve Learned While Leaping Into a New Chapter of Life

Change is good.

By Kelly Krause
3 things i learned while taking a leap of faith

Ed note: This post was originally published in April 2019, but with so many changes to our daily lives and routines as a result of the COVID-19 quarantine, we wanted to bring it back out of the archives in hopes it would inspire you to take the most of this quieter time at home for self-reflection and personal growth. 

This month’s theme at Camille Styles is growth, and it couldn’t come at a more perfect time. Last month, after 8.5 years working for a company I admire and in a role that I loved, I decided to move onto the next chapter of my life and join another company that I also admire. My emotions making that move ran the gamut, and were truly all over the place. I felt excited for the new company and role; nervous about what it would feel like saying goodbye; and challenged for the unknown. Though one thing remained constant while these emotions were high: I knew I made the right choice. In fact, I was so beyond confident I made the right choice.

Because anything that takes me out of a place of comfort and complacency always leads to…you guessed it…growth. 

In thinking specifically about this month’s theme and how to even address growth as I’m in the first three weeks on the new job, I’d thought it’d be helpful to highlight the top 3 things I’ve learned from taking this leap and stepping into a new phase of life in hopes that it inspires you to just go for it, whatever that is.

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1). I’m a beginner in life again. 

I don’t think I fully wrapped my head around the fact that there was so much I’d have to learn going into a new company and role. From a new email system, to company culture & language, and everything in between, I realized very quickly I’m a true beginner. I’m not sure how often in life we get to say that, especially as adults, but everyone could benefit from being a beginner again.

During this time of on-boarding and learning, I’ve implemented patience and practiced slowing down so I can truly take it all in. It’s been a time to reflect on what I do know, and embrace what I don’t know, and who I can learn from. And I love that it’s allowed me move from being an extremely independent worker, to leaning on others for help, and embracing what I don’t know. It feels like a gift to go from a place of having influence and input, to a place of true and raw learning (while still having input!).

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2). Challenged by new. 

Let’s face it, anytime we’re in a new environment with new people, we’re going to see things differently. This doesn’t even have to do with joining a new company — it’s with anything — dating, trying a new workout, joining a new organization, etc. On the daily I’m inspired by how much I get to learn from those from all over the US and world, those with backgrounds completely different than mine — and even those with similar backgrounds, yet different experiences.

While I consider myself always ripe for change and open to new experiences, there’s a part of me that likes routine and comfort — like my favorite workout, taught by an instructor I love — that I sometimes wonder what I’m missing out on.

This leap into another chapter has me motivated to keep trying out new in all areas of my life. Plus, life is more fun, diverse, and interesting when we can experience more, together. 

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3). Clarity is at an all-time high. 

I can’t explain this feeling in any other way aside from saying I feel like I’m extremely clear on what’s important to me right now. It feels raw and real in the best way possible. Maybe I was so comfortable in the past that I was going through the motions, or maybe as a beginner my vulnerability is elevated and allowing me to really feel the feels and dig deep.

I can’t pinpoint it, but at this very moment of starting fresh, I feel clear on my core values and priorities. I’m very sure of the people I want in my life, the kind of conversations I’m interested in having, and the future I want to build. The only time I’ve ever felt something so raw like this was after a breakup, so I believe there’s absolutely some merit to moving on, shedding the past, and embracing a new side of you. 

Now, while we may not all be at a place in life where we can leave our jobs at this very moment today, I’m inspired to think about the other areas of my life where I can be a beginner, who is challenged by new people and ideas, and find even more clarity.

I’m curious about what else in my life feels comfortable or easy, and if it’s time to switch things up (answer: it is).

We can’t rely on anyone but ourselves to ask these questions or make these decisions. And as I’ll always say: right now is the best time. There’s no playbook on when to make the next move. It’s a gut feeling, an instinct, and something that likely brings up several emotions. If you feel any of those, you’re doing it right.