34 Wellness Gifts to Help Your Loved One Create a Self-Care Ritual

The gift that keeps on giving!

By Sacha Strebe

While we can all agree that marketing campaigns have diluted the message, there really is no better time to prioritize self-care than right now. From mental to physical health, carving out time for yourself is critical to overall health and wellbeing. It’s safe to say we’re all feeling a level of stress whether we consciously realize it or not. So, as you’re reading this, try to unclench your jaw, relax your shoulders, and breathe deeply into your belly—notice the areas that feel tense and try to relax them. And if you’re feeling this way, it’s safe to say the people you love are too. That’s why we curated a wellness gift guide with the best gifts for stress relief.

Let’s face it, we could all use some “me” time because if we stay in a cortisol-infused state all the time without rest, we’re going to burn out. So, let’s encourage the people around us to create self-care rituals that promote inner and outer health and vitality. From high-performance blenders that will simplify their morning routine to slumber-ready pajamas that double as ready-to-wear, we guarantee you’ll find the perfect gift for everyone on your list.

Read on for the best gifts for stress relief…

Zwilling Enfinigy Personal Blender

Transform your special person’s morning routine with this game-changing blender. From morning smoothies to meal prep, the Zwilling Enfinigy Personal Blender does it all (and some!). But here’s what really sets it apart—once they blend their morning smoothie, the Tritan jar turns into their to-go cup thanks to its handy drinking lid. And if that wasn’t enough, they also have a free downloadable app with a database of original recipes to choose from. So you’re essentially giving them the gift of time and good health. What could be better than that!

Zwilling Enfinigy Personal Blender, $99.99

Boy Smells Figurare Magnum

I know, a candle for Christmas—groundbreaking! But this is no ordinary scented wax. Sumptuous fig leaves graze subtle spices of black pepper, cardamom, and coriander for a truly mesmerizing aroma that feels holiday-forward without being too literal. Think earthy/herbal/spicy emerald delight, that is disinterested in the sweet. Sublime, but grounded!

Boy Smells Figurare Magnum, $86

The Organised Life Gratitude Lined Notebook

Give them a special place to reflect, somewhere to be thankful for the blessings in life. This journal is so much more than just a notebook, it can be used every day for journaling, reflecting, dreaming, note-taking, and more.

The Organised Life Gratitude Lined Notebook, $15.95

Crown Affair The Holiday Set

Crown Affair turned haircare into a self-care ritual with its elevated essentials. This beautiful holiday set brings all of their must-have pieces together along with a limited-edition silk bag to carry them all and refresh their hair in a pinch. 

Crown Affair The Holiday Set, $98

Riley Organic Cotton Sheet Set

Is there anything more indulgent than a new set of sheets? Especially if they’re organic cotton. I have this set and it is honestly so soft and luxurious, I have been sleeping sound ever since. What could be a better gift than guaranteed quality Z’s?

Riley Organic Cotton Sheet Set

No.8 Sleep Nootropic Gummies

Good nights mean better mornings, right? But not all of us are getting the quality snooze time we need to be our best each day. If you know someone who struggles too, then gift them these sleep gummies. Formulated with melatonin and vitamin B6, these have been designed to help ease you into a deeper, more restorative sleep.

No.8 Sleep Nootropic Gummies, $55

Evermill The Counter Top Rack

Have a friend who is always cooking up a storm and making their own healthy creations at home? Well, they’ll love this elegant spice rack to keep all of their favorites organized and close at hand. All spices are included and 100% organic.

Evermill The Counter Top Rack, $249

Canopy Ultimate Hydration Bundle

Promote healthy, glowing skin and help to relieve symptoms of cold and flu with the game-changing Canopy humidifier. The new technology disperses clean, filtered moisture into the air without creating mold. This kit comes with the humidifier, filters, and limited edition Vacation in a Box aroma kit.

Canopy Ultimate Hydration Bundle

Lumira Arabian Oud Sphera Set

Housed in its striking glass sphere, Sphera proposes a deliberate ritual that allows the scent to release over time. Arrange lava inside the Sphera and add 8-10 drops of LUMIRA Essenza.

Lumira Arabian Oud Sphera Set, $220

Esker Restorative Set

Encourage their new body care ritual with this restorative set that consists of a body oil, body wash, and dry brush that will leave them glowing and moisturized. With notes of wood, balsam, and hints of smoke with florals this will also be a sensory treat.

Esker Restorative Set, $98

Aromatherapy Associates The Atomiser

Surround their senses with pure wellbeing thanks to this waterless, portable diffuser. It also doubles as décor when not in use. Win, win!

Aromatherapy Associates The Atomiser, $170

HeatHealer Infrared Sauna Blanket

Gift them the benefits of an infrared sauna at a fraction of the cost and in the privacy of your own home. This isn’t like any other on the market. Thanks to an added layer of flat jade and tourmaline stone (which are excellent conductors of infrared heat), this blanket also emits negative ions when warmed up. Plus, who wouldn’t want to lay on top of a bed made out of smooth jade and tourmaline stone!

HeatHealer Infrared Sauna Blanket, $518

Nature of Things Invigorate Ritual

Soothe the body and invigorate the mind with this bath and body creme pairing. Designed to awaken the skin and enliven the senses, this is one wellness practice you’ll want to receive.

Nature of Things Invigorate Ritual, $155

Nette Take Good Care Set

If you’re already a fan of Nette’s candles (as we are!) you will adore this set that comes with a candle of your choosing, their cult-favorite made-in-Japan lighter, and super luxe hammered silk scrunchie in sophisticated black. What more could you want?

Nette Take Good Care Set

Floramye CBD Bath Bomb Bliss Set

Take self-care to the next level with this bath bomb collection that helps to relieve sore muscles and reduce tension. Each bathing ball contains a natural chakra stone that will reveal itself during your bathing ritual.

Floramye CBD Bath Bomb Bliss Set, $69

Hyperice Hypervolt GO

For the fitness-obsessed, this is a must-have. Designed to relive tension, aches, and pains on the go, this handy massage tool will get to the source for much-needed relief.

Hyperice Hypervolt GO, $199

Baina Roman Organic Cotton Towel in Cedar & Sand

These luxurious towels are just as functional as they are fashionable. The iconic checkered print in modern cedar and sand hues will make a statement in any bathroom or beach.

Baina Roman Organic Cotton Towel in Cedar & Sand, $110

Koala Eco Starter Collection

For the home-obsessed person in your life who is always looking for the next innovation in clean products, these safe, powerful, plant-based cleaning products are kind to your family and the environment. And their packaging is super chic too. Take it from me, their multi-purpose cleaner smells amazing but it actually works, cutting through grease and post-feast dining table grime.

Aquis Dae Waffle Rapid Dry Hair Wrap

If you haven’t experienced the Aquis hair wrap difference then this is your sign to get on board. And if you have, then give the gift of great hair this year with their limited-edition hair wrap created with dae’s founder, Amber Fillerup Clark.

Aquis Dae Waffle Rapid Dry Hair Wrap, $40

Playa Mini Clean Shower Essentials

This Playa set has everything you need for an effortless shower routine. Their hair and body essentials work in harmony for the best version of your skin and strands, naturally. 

Playa Mini Clean Shower Essentials, $32

Art of Tea Candle, Matches, & Earl Grey Creme Retail Tin Gift Box Set

For the tea lover, this is the ultimate set. I can say with sincerity that the Art of Tea makes the best Earl Grey tea on the market. This set comes complete with a candle and matches so they can enjoy a hot cup of tea with a soothing aroma.

Art of Tea Candle, Matches, & Earl Grey Creme Retail Tin Gift Box Set

Erbaviva Relax Body Spray

Allow them to experience the therapeutic benefits of this revitalizing mist that calms the senses thanks to organic lavender, rose, and neroli essential oils.

Erbaviva Relax Body Spray, $28

Madhappy L.O.R.A. Heritage Crewneck

Remind your loved one to take it “one step at a time” with this bright, happy crewneck by influencer-adored brand, Madhappy. This yellow color is enough to make them smile.

Madhappy L.O.R.A. Heritage Crewneck, $165

Alo Yoga Ultimate Home Studio Set

Spark joy, inspire movement, and change the life of your special someone with everything they need to achieve their individual wellness goals. 

Alo Yoga Ultimate Home Studio Set, $350

lululemon Align™ High-Rise Pant 28″

Nothing is comfier and softer than the lululemon Align High-Rise Pant. I have several pairs because I basically live in them (yes, all day, every day), and I promise your loved one will too. Do yourself a favor and add one for yourself to cart, you won’t regret it.

lululemon Align™ High-Rise Pant 28″, $98

NYLORA Dray Jumpsuit

Make their life easier with this elevated jumpsuit that will take them from the gym to the cafe in style. Nothing is comfier or simpler than this.

NYLORA Dray Jumpsuit, $198

Sleeper Sizeless Viscose Pajamas Set in Mint

If there’s one color that has dominated this year from design to fashion, it’s green. Gift your loved one this stylish set in the natural hue which can be worn to bed, lounging, or to hang with friends for coffee. We love versatile fashion.

Sleeper Sizeless Viscose Pajamas Set in Mint

Montana Labelle Lincoln Incense Burner

Montana Labelle Lincoln Incense Burner

Handcrafted out of a unique slab of Emperador marble this beautiful incense burner also doubles as a stash pot for storing garlic in the kitchen or q-tips in the bathroom.

Montana Labelle Lincoln Incense Burner, $245

Sidia The Cardi Top

A step above your classic sweatsuit, we guarantee you’ll live in this luxurious cardi. Pair it with their matching palazzo pants and you have a ready-in-a-pinch fit that works for all occasions from the kitchen to the cafe.

Sidia The Cardi Top, $150

Things Are Looking Up Optimism Deck

Encourage them to choose happiness over fear every day with Things Are Looking Up deck. Featuring 52 optimism prompt cards and 1 Direction card, this set was mindfully created by Optimism Doctor®?, Visual Imagery Expert & Happiness Researcher, Dr. Deepika Chopra to inspire optimism and increase happiness. 

Things Are Looking Up Optimism Deck, $40

P.E. Nation Best Play Gym Bag

Turn heads from the gym to the beach with this stylish bag that will fit all their active essentials (and some!).

P.E. Nation Best Play Gym Bag, $220

FP Movement Hit The Slopes Fleece Jacket

Best for layering on and off during hiking trips or throwing on after the gym. But it’s also just as good for keeping you warm while looking cool for whatever you’re doing.

FP Movement Hit The Slopes Fleece Jacket, $148

Tree of Life Singing Bowl

There is no denying the healing power of sound. This beautiful hammered bronze bowl will bring this harmony into your life and home while also doubling as a beautiful decorative object on your coffee table or nightstand.

Tree of Life Singing Bowl, $215.97

FlexiSpot Home Office All-in-One Desk Bike

Here’s the home office upgrade you didn’t know you needed. Knock out a workout and workday all at the same time on this desk bike. With adjustable resistance, you can pedal while performing otherwise sedentary activities.

FlexiSpot Home Office All-in-One Desk Bike, $349.99