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This Meal Plan Will Squash Your Bad Weekend Eating Habits

July 28th, 2018

All you fellow weekend warriors know the drill when the clock strikes 5:00 on Friday afternoon… By 5:30 we’re ordering frosé on a sunny patio surrounded by our best girls, chatting about the week behind us, and how to jam-pack the next 2 days to the best of our (and our bank account’s) abilities. After watching what you eat all week, it’s only natural to want to indulge a little, and the weekend brings with it a sweet feeling of summer freedom that makes it all too tempting to throw our healthy commitments out the window, and let #yolo take the wheel. But, the problem is that once you loosen the reins, it’s easy to lose control and erase every ounce of progress you’ve made all week. Taking two steps back for every one step forward is not only super frustrating, it makes it nearly100x harder to reach your healthy goals, and can lead to you giving up your healthy meal plan altogether.

To end the Friday-Sunday gorge—and sweeping regrets come Monday morning after a weekend of poor eating choices—we teamed up with Daily Harvest to change our ways without having to make a single trip to the grocery store. See our hand-picked 2-day meal plan below. The variety of delicious and nutrient-rich recipes satisfied all types of weekend cravings, kept me full for hours, and the best part: each one was ready in 5 minutes, max. Thanks to Daily Harvest, this weekend warrior has turned over a new leaf, and it could not have been easier. 

images by Ashleigh Amoroso

styling by Chanel Dror

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  1. Oh my gosh, these meal cups are perfect! And all of them consist of recipes I know I will already love! What am I waiting for, I better take advantage of that promo-code now 😉 You know, I’ve never heard of dragon fruit in oatmeal before! I love the two separately so that must mean that they taste phenomenal together right? I think everyone who has bad eating habits has got to try these. With a meal that takes so little time to prepare, there is really no excuse in not eating healthy and wholesome foods! I mean, even ordering fast food would take way longer than this and would not compare at all 🙂 They look scrumptious!

  2. What an easy way to eat healthy! I love this concept, will definitely have to try it out.

    Woof Xo,
    Michelle & Watson

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