This Meal Plan Will Squash Your Bad Weekend Eating Habits

By Katherine Fluor

All you fellow weekend warriors know the drill when the clock strikes 5:00 on Friday afternoon… By 5:30 we’re ordering frosé on a sunny patio surrounded by our best girls, chatting about the week behind us, and how to jam-pack the next 2 days to the best of our (and our bank account’s) abilities. After watching what you eat all week, it’s only natural to want to indulge a little, and the weekend brings with it a sweet feeling of summer freedom that makes it all too tempting to throw our healthy commitments out the window, and let #yolo take the wheel. But, the problem is that once you loosen the reins, it’s easy to lose control and erase every ounce of progress you’ve made all week. Taking two steps back for every one step forward is not only super frustrating, it makes it nearly100x harder to reach your healthy goals, and can lead to you giving up your healthy meal plan altogether.

To end the Friday-Sunday gorge—and sweeping regrets come Monday morning after a weekend of poor eating choices—we teamed up with Daily Harvest to change our ways without having to make a single trip to the grocery store. See our hand-picked 2-day meal plan below. The variety of delicious and nutrient-rich recipes satisfied all types of weekend cravings, kept me full for hours, and the best part: each one was ready in 5 minutes, max. Thanks to Daily Harvest, this weekend warrior has turned over a new leaf, and it could not have been easier. 

images by Ashleigh Amoroso

styling by Chanel Dror

Our customized box of organic top-quality smoothies, bowls, soups, and lattes arrived just in time for a Friday afternoon snack. Knowing I already had everything I needed to stay on my healthy track throughout the weekend gave me a boost of confidence, and a sigh of relief.



Mulberry & Dragonfruit Overnight Oats and Cardamon Coffee Latte 

Don’t let the ‘overnight oats’ description of this one fool you; the Mulberry & Dragonfruit bowl is actually “a boatload of berries, with just enough oats to safely get away with calling it oatmeal.” The sweet, fresh, and tart flavors immediately transported us to a tropical vacay, and had us licking the bowl clean.  The Cardamon Functional Latte was the perfect thing to wash down the creamy, fruity bowl. The tahini gives the coffee a rich, creamy texture, and the cinnamon adds a chai-style spice that tastes super comforting. And, it actually came with the ingredients to make 3 lattes, so you can enjoy it all weekend long!


Kale & Lemongrass Harvest Bowl

This bowl is a small serving size that’s perfect for a light mid-day snack. The kale and sweet potatoes blended with coconut milk, ginger, turmeric, lemongrass, and lime give a healthy spin on classic green curry recipe.


Lentil & Mesquite Chili 

This bowl is filled with nourishing sweet potatoes, kale, purple corn, chipotle, cacao, and mesquite spices that add a delicious flavor kick. We topped it with sliced avocado with and a squeeze of lime. The Lentil & Mesquite Chili makes for a super hearty and flavorful dinner that’s special enough for a Saturday night.



Pineapple & Matcha Smoothie 

What’s better than a caffeine-infused piña colada to start the day? This tropical smoothie is easy and breezy as Sunday morning, and the matcha gave me all the energy I needed to tackle my Sunday To-Do list. We added coconut water to give an extra hydration boost, which blended perfectly with the pineapple, kale, coconut flakes, and green tea matcha.


Avocado & Cucumber Chilled Soup

Made with chia seeds for hydration, cucumber for a cooling effect, and avocado for sustained energy,  this soup is a delicious and refreshing mid-day lunch, especially in the heat of summer.


Butternut Squash & Chimichurri Harvest Bowl

Rooted in classic Argentinean flavors, this butternut squash and chimichurri harvest bowl is my kind of Sunday night dinner. Picture all your favorite veggies and herbs in one dish… exactly what you need after a long weekend, right? Sunday pizza delivery out, Daily Harvest, in.

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