DIY Rose + Sage Smudge Sticks

By Jenn Rose Smith
smudge sticks

This year’s Mother’s Day celebration was all about creating a relaxing experience through aromatics. I created a custom gift basket complete with instructions for an aromatic ritual, which began with burning a rose and sage smudge stick that we made ourselves. This little DIY couldn’t be easier, and makes a great gift for moms, bridesmaids, birthday girls, you name it. Scroll down to see how I made our mini rose and sage smudge sticks:

photographed by kristin kilpatrick

Here’s what you’ll need for this project:

• one small bundle of dried white sage leaves

• three spray roses in different colors

cotton floss

• pair of scissors


  1. If the bundle of sage leaves you bought came bound, use the scissors to cut the string and remove it from the bundle.
  2. Clip the spray roses about 1 inch from the bud.
  3. Use the cotton floss to bind the roses to the sage leaves, wrapping many times in a criss cross pattern. Make sure you wrap string across both the stem and the bud of each rose.

How to use:

Light the top of the rose and sage smudge stick, then blow out the flame. Let the smoke permeate your space for a cleansing, refreshing energy. You can walk (or dance!) around the room while holding the smoking stick to spread the good vibes everywhere.

Click here to see the entire ritual we created around this cute Mother’s Day gift basket.

Happy Mother’s Day!