This February Playlist Gives Us All the Feels

L is for the way you look at me…

By Jamie Pabst
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We are what we listen to…This month’s theme at Camille Styles is senses. I’m super excited about this one, because as a huge music enthusiast, I believe our sense of sound is one of the most powerful things in shaping our identity, beliefs, behaviors and influencing our overall sense of well-being. How many of us are conscious of the music or sounds we listen to daily? For me, I rarely am without headphones or earbuds in my ears or connected to some type of audio device. I literally have a playlist for EVERY moment of my day. Music for waking up, music for working out, music for work productivity, music for reading, music for social gatherings, music for winding down, etc, etc…you name it, I’ve got it –and always happy to share :).

Music is my fail-proof toolkit to ensure my mood is always on point for every time of day. While I may be a little more extreme about my music listening habits than the average person, music is still a huge part of everyone’s life.  The average person listens to around 5 hours of music a day. Whether we are conscious of it or not, our brain is always listening to what information it’s receiving and responding accordingly. Our brains actually change every day based on the information we receive through our senses. So, it naturally makes sense that when it comes to health, we should be thinking about nutrition from a sonic perspective also. If sound is backdropping such a huge part of our existence, then we should certainly be more mindful of what we listen to and how we listen to it. So for this month’s senses theme, I’m curating a playlist of some of my most uplifting and inspiring tunes, and I invite you to tune in and vibe to the positive power of this playlist…like you mean it 🙂


Jamie Pabst is the Camille Styles Music Editor and NYC-based DJ and music entrepreneur.