I’ll take any chance I can get to celebrate my friends. New job? Coffee’s on me. Rocking a hobby? I’ll happily collect all your ceramics. At my core, I’m a hype girl, through and through. My friends are my world, and they deserve all the praise and kindness I can give. Of course, I have a feeling I’m not the only one who enjoys showing their friends a little love. And when it comes to Galentine’s Day, while I’m not 100% aligned with the moniker, I do support the concept behind the holiday. Give me any excuse to celebrate my love of friendship, please. So when it comes to Galentine’s Day gifts, I want to make sure I’m giving something unique, special, and beautiful. That ever-elusive, perfect gift? You’ll find it right here.

We put a lot of pressure on February 14th. For those of us in relationships, a lot’s riding on designing the perfect date. Or, if you’re riding solo this season, the holiday can feel like a personal affront to where you are in life. Valentine’s Day is complicated, to say the least. But, and I’m about to blow your mind with this, it doesn’t have to be. Love is love, after all. Whether that comes in the form of romantic love, love for your family, pets, or friendships, it’s all a wonderful thing. And that beautiful, hard-to-pin-down thing we call love? It deserves a celebration.

So whether you’re having a party with your pals, gathering a few folks for an intimate dinner, or hanging out one-on-one with your BFF, we’ve rounded up the gifts that’ll help you shower your friends with plenty of love and affection. It’s gift-giving time, y’all.

Image by Hannah Haston

DAVIDsTEA So Matcha Love Kit

Have a friend who’s committed to kicking her coffee habit? Take that as a sign to introduce matcha into their life. This is a great kit for those who are just starting out. It includes matcha powder, the cutest mini matcha maker, and a bag of Vegan Matcha Alligator gummies. It’s the perfect way to say, “I love you so matcha.”

DAVIDsTEA So Matcha Love Kit, $35

Hey Dewy Wireless Facial Humidifier

Keeping your skin radiant during the winter months is a tall order. But with this sleek and portable mini humidifier, your friends will be able to get a glow on the go. Our skin loses tons of moisture throughout the day (seriously, by 3 p.m I look like a raisin), but this is the best beauty tool I’ve found for getting major hydration.

Hey Dewy Wireless Facial Humidifier, $59.95

R+Co CENTERPIECE All-in-One Elixir Spray

Without fail, R+Co is always the brand my stylist uses at the salon that begs the question, “What’s that product that makes my hair smell/looks so good?” Their shampoos, conditioners, and styling serums are my go-to for serious shine and healthy locks. But this powerhouse product is my ultimate fave. It’s lightweight while still fighting frizz and giving hair tons of hydration.

R+Co CENTERPIECE All-in-One Elixir Spray, $33

Joanna Vargas Euphoria Sheet Mask

Nothing beats settling in for the night with your coziest loungewear, your favorite candle, and a restorative sheet mask that instantly revives skin back to health. These soft sheet masks give your winter skin some much-needed love with a healthy dose of key nutrients for major anti-aging, fine lines-fighting impact. With a light floral scent too, I guarantee you and your friends won’t want to take these off.

Joanna Vargas Euphoria Sheet Mask, $75

Image by Kristen Kilpatrick

Otherland Rattan Sandalwood Vegan Candle

Speaking of favorite candles, this is mine. Just as I’m not one to select a bottle of wine by the label, I often resist the urge to do the same for my candles. But this reusable glass jar’s design is too good to pass up. It’ll look beautiful just about anywhere in just about any home, and there’s nothing that’ll transport you faster to a relaxing island oasis than its soothing sandalwood scent.

Otherland Rattan Sandalwood Vegan Candle, $36

Madewell Fragrance Sampler Set

Your answer to the “but-I-don’t-know-their-favorite-fragrance” conundrum. This set of five scents—Chambray, Indigo, Sedona, Ombré, and Beau—give your friend a whole array of options to choose from. For those who love mini things (everyone) or like to be able to take their perfume with them on the go, this is a good great gift.

Madewell Fragrance Sampler Set, $24

ILIA Small Wonders Set

A mini set of bestsellers from one of our favorite beauty brands? An obvious add to the list. This set includes travel-ready versions of their Limitless Lash Mascara, Fullest Volumizing Mascara, Balmy Gloss Tinted Lip Oil, and Lip Wrap Overnight Treatment. Bonus: The box is beautiful and easily giftable. Just top it with a bow.

ILIA Small Wonders Set, $29

Baggu Crew Sock

You know and love the brand for their reusable bags and totes you see in just about every grocery store. But new to the sock scene, Baggu has a wide variety of cheery colors and bright and fun prints. Because your socks should make you smile.

Baggu Crew Sock, $14

Image by Kristen Kilpatrick

Girlfriend Dawn Dream Robe

That’s right, Girlfriend does sleep now. Known for their athleisure wear in a rainbow of deep and vibrant hues, the cult-favorite brand has expanded into the world of sleep. And while I can’t wait to cuddle up in their pj’s, this Tencel and recycled cotton blend robe is calling my name. Safe to say, I bet your BFF would love it, too.

Girlfriend Dawn Dream Robe, $98

Intelligent Change The Five Minute Journal

Meet the journal that’s taking Instagram and TikTok by storm. Just about every influencer in the wellness space lauds this journal for being a key part of their morning routine. Filled with guided exercises and prompts, the Five Minute Journal is perfect for anyone looking to start a journaling routine and become their most embodied self.

Intelligent Change The Five Minute Journal, $29

ban.do Tune In Wellness Card Deck

For the friend who loves to look inward and engage in a healthy bit of introspection. This deck is divided into five sections: Let’s Talk, Mood Boost, Real Talk, Get Grounded, and in Community. Ten cards in each section are designed to foster deep and meaningful conversations with yourself. The illustrations are gorgeous and inspiring, and each card offers tools and insights to improve your overall well-being. Don’t worry, I’ll be picking up a deck for myself, too.

ban.do Tune In Wellness Card Deck, $13.96 (reg. $19.95)

Maison Boissier Parisian Festive Candies (Set of 3)

Could it really be a list of the best Galentine’s Day gifts without candy? This, my friends, is not your run-of-the-mill box of flavor-lacking treats. These candies are filled with an array of fruits (apricot, pear, and raspberry) and come straight from one of Paris’ most celebrated candy makers. Without that info alone, you know these are going to be good. Also: those boxes? They make for creative regifting later on.

Maison Boissier Parisian Festive Candies (Set of 3), $48

Chunks Nimbus Claw Clip

Whose hair doesn’t love a good claw clip? The Y2K style has been back for a bit, and while I’m a dedicated scrunchie-wearer, the trend has worked its way into many a ‘do. A perfectly imperfect design, this clip will keep your hair out of your face and is just the thing when you can’t be bothered with a hair routine that’s longer than five seconds.

Chunks Nimbus Claw Clip, $20

Which gifts are you most excited to give this holiday?

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