17 Galentine’s Day Gift Ideas Your BFFs Will Swoon Over

Show them the love.

By Isabelle Eyman
Women seated at outdoor table for Galentine's Day.

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I’ll take any chance I can get to celebrate my friends. New job? Coffee’s on me. Rocking a hobby? I’ll happily collect all your ceramics. At my core, I’m a hype girl, through and through. My friends are my world, and they deserve all the praise and kindness I can give. Of course, I have a feeling I’m not the only one who enjoys showing her friends a little love. As for Galentine’s Day gifts, I want to make sure I’m giving something unique, special, and beautiful. That ever-elusive, perfect gift? You’ll find it right here.

We put a lot of pressure on February 14th. For those of us in relationships, a lot’s riding on designing the perfect date. Or, if you’re riding solo this season, the holiday can feel like a personal affront to your life status. Valentine’s Day is complicated, to say the least. But it doesn’t have to be! Love is love, after all. Whether that comes in the form of romantic love, love for your family, pets, or friendships, it’s all a wonderful thing. It’s a beautiful, hard-to-pin-down thing—and it deserves a celebration.

Woman eating at Galentine's Day party.

The Best Galentine’s Day Gifts Your Friends Will Love

So whether you’re having a party with your pals, gathering a few folks for an intimate dinner, or hanging out one-on-one with your BFF, we’ve rounded up the gifts that’ll help you shower your friends with plenty of love and affection. It’s gift-giving time, y’all.

Multi-Use Silk Headbands Set

If you haven’t heard, headbands are back in a big way. And as for how to style them, we’ve made progress since Blair Waldorf’s sartorial reign. These silk headbands are simple, quiet luxury at its finest. It’s the perfect finishing piece for any outfit—especially on wash day.

Lyla Monogram Trinket Dish

Monogramming is a sweet, simple way to add a special touch to a thoughtful gift. With scalloped edges and a botanical print, the dish will quickly become her favorite nightstand accessory.

LA Clay Solstice Mug

Everyone needs a favorite mug. And although my selection of coffee vessels is quickly crowding out my other dishes, I’m always happy (thrilled! ecstatic!) to add to my collection. This hand-thrown, stoneware mug is my current go-to. Trust me, it’ll quickly make its way into all of her Instagram stories.

Butter Brush

Body and skincare tools are 2024’s biggest beauty obsession, and this exfoliating brush is a mainstay in my AM routine. Not only does it leave skin glowing and rejuvenated, but it also makes for a morning ritual your giftee will be excited to wake up to.

Ichendorf Milano Piuma Teapot

Let me introduce you to the chicest, most aesthetic teapot you’ve ever seen. (For all my friends reading this, I want.) The handmade borosilicate glass teapot features a built-in strainer, making for blissful, beautiful pours.

Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

As someone who’s always overlooked the risk of raw eggs when it comes to snacking on cookie dough before baking, I’m pleased to see a safer, vegan option available. Doughy’s recipe is simple, leaning on cashews, maple syrup, and just a few other organic ingredients for a delicious scoop. (It can also be baked, but I prefer mine straight from the carton.)

Beverley Huggies

It-girls everywhere are obsessed with this jewelry brand that pairs affordability with quality design. Now I count myself among Paige Lorenze, Alix Earle, the D’Amelio sisters, and more who are quickly building their collection of Honey by Kait pieces. I love throwing my hair up in a claw clip (see below) and letting these classic hoops shine.

Aimee Claw Hair Clip Set

Whose hair doesn’t love a good claw clip? The Y2K style has been back for a bit, and while I’ve been a dedicated scrunchie-wearer, the trend has worked its way into many a ‘do. This trio of clips is just the thing when you can’t be bothered with a hair routine that’s longer than five seconds.

Nette Chai Milk Candle

Let me introduce you to my favorite candle. Just as I’m not one to select a wine by the label, I often resist the urge to do the same for my candles. But this handmade ceramic vessel is too good to pass up. (Bonus: It can be reused as a mug once the candle’s burned out.) The soft, pale pink hue looks beautiful in any space, and its citrus and sandalwood scent is exactly what I want to indulge in at all hours of the day.

LOOPS Variety Hydrogel Face Mask 5 Piece Set

Nothing beats settling in for the night with your coziest loungewear, a good show, and a restorative sheet mask that instantly revives your skin. These hydrogel masks give your winter skin some much-needed love with a healthy dose of nutrients. Each mask targets a different concern, so whatever your skin needs, I guarantee these masks will deliver.

Maison Louis Marie Perfume Oil Discovery Set

Your answer to the “but-I-don’t-know-their-favorite-fragrance” conundrum. This set of five mini perfume oils gives your friend a whole array of options to choose from. For those who love tiny things (everyone) or like to be able to take their perfume with them on the go, this is a solid Galentine’s gift.

Valentine’s Slipper

The viral slippers from the internet’s most viral brand. Soft faux fur cushions every step, and you can trust she’ll wear them long beyond V-Day.

Variety, Plz. Wellness Patches

I can’t stop talking about these patches. No matter your ailment—fatigue, soreness, or sleepless nights—these patches by Fleur Marché deliver. I like to apply the patch to my inner forearm and let the potent delivery system do its magic. They might just be my favorite wellness buy.

Maison Boissier Parisian Festive Candies (Set of 3)

Could it really be a list of the best Galentine’s Day gifts without candy? This, my friends, is not your run-of-the-mill box of treats. These candies are filled with an array of fruits (apricot, pear, and raspberry) and come straight from one of Paris’ most celebrated candy makers. With that info alone, you know these are going to be good. Also: those boxes? Perfect for creative regifting later on.

ILIA Color Ways Multi-Stick Set

I swear by this set of multi-sticks for quick color and glow. Apply to your cheeks and/or lips and bask in the buildable, blendable formulation. Whatever your mood or color craving, these nourishing multi-sticks have you covered. Bonus: The box is beautiful and easily giftable. Just top it with a bow.

Crew Sock

You know and love the brand for its reusable bags and totes spotted at every farmer’s market. But new to the sock scene, Baggu has a wide variety of cheery colors and bright and fun prints. Because your socks should make you smile.

Dawn Dream Robe

That’s right, Girlfriend does sleep now. Known for its athleisure in a rainbow of deep and vibrant hues, the cult-favorite brand has expanded into the world of sleep. And while I can’t wait to cuddle up in their pajamas, this Tencel and recycled cotton-blend robe is calling my name. Safe to say, I bet your BFF would love it, too.