Weekend Notes

By Camille Styles
fig & goat cheese salad

fig & goat cheese salad

Happy weekend, friends! I’m headed to NYC today for my first trip out-of-town since Henry was born, and I’m feeling a little sad and also super excited. It’ll be a quick trip – barely more than 48 hours – and a whirlwind of meetings, lunches, and appointments. I can’t wait to breathe in the cooler air of New York in the fall, hit up a few new restaurants (leave me your recos in the comments!), and revel in the anticipation of some new projects on the horizon. There’s nothing like being pregnant for 9+ months and then surviving the first few months of infant-hood to make you excited to get back in the saddle! Though by the time I fly home Tuesday evening, I’ll be desperate to get back to my babies and savor hugs and kisses and cuddles for a solid week after that. What are all of you up to this weekend? Hope it’s fun, and enjoy my favorite links from the past week!

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Figs + cheese + mint = an appetizer that any guest will go crazy for. And also this amazing salad, pictured above.

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This mango & cucumber salad is my current obsession.

*photo: a house in the hills