I am all about maximizing my time to get the most out of my day, which usually means that from the moment I wake up to the time I go to bed, I’m doing something productive. Between a morning workout, meditation, full day of work, dinner, and the inevitable 1-2 hours I devote to personal projects in the evening — the idea of curling up with an inspiring book is almost laughable.

So what’s my solution when time is limited but I still need a dose of motivation? A solid podcast. Despite a packed schedule, I never seem to run out of opportunities to multitask and tune-in to some of my favorite shows. Whether I’m at my desk, on a flight, in my car, working out, or cleaning around the house, I simply pop on my headphones and zone out.

I know we’re always wondering, “What’s on your nightstand?” Mine is rather boring and sans books. I’ve got: this linen spray, this lip balm, this eye mask and this canister for my advil, so I’m switching it up and sharing what’s in my podcast queue instead. These are my go-to’s for healthy inspiration, creative professional ideas and of course, the LOL’s — because laughing is an important staple to overall good health.

Radio Headspace

I’ve waxed poetic about how much I’ve enjoyed devoting 10 minutes a day to my meditation practice using the Headspace app, but I only recently discovered their podcast. As I’m sure you can guess, Headspace Radio touches on topics in the realm of meditation and mindfulness, but that’s only a small part. I love that Host Georgie Okell dives into big topics like kindness, mindful eating, everyday heroes, psychodermatology (seriously!), stereotypes, and more while talking to innovators from all walks of life, from the creator of THINX to the founder of Brain Pickings.

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TedTalks Health

Almost 10 years ago while living in LA, my mentor at the time told me, “Want to hold an intelligent conversation with anyone for 5 minutes? Read the front page of the New York Times everyday or watch a TedTalk.” Since then, I’ve been doing both religiously. While I’ve yet to come across a TedTalk I didn’t like, I think this podcast might be better. Still as inspiring and thought-provoking, the average TedTalks Health episode is 15 minutes, which means I can usually listen to two back to back — double inspiration! I love that this series introduces topics I’ve never thought about, like “Can your words predict your future mental health?” “Why do we sleep?” and “Why we all need to practice emotional first aid.”

The Tim Ferriss Show

Tim Ferriss has been a long-time speaker at SXSW, so I was familiar with him, but it wasn’t until my good friend Laura Lee told me about his podcast, that I became a devout TFF (Tim Ferriss Fan). If you’re not familiar, Tim is a jack of all trades — investor, author, speaker and a wildly motivational and inspiring person. He is super high energy, has a wealth of knowledge, seems to know everyone, and makes me feel like I can conquer anything in my professional and personal life. One of my favorite episodes was when Tim sat down and talked to professional snowboarder Shaun White about “The Magic of Who Cares?” I promise you’ll learn something new with each episode.

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Modern Love

Call me a sap, but I love love stories. I’m always rooting for love and certainly looking for it in all the wrong places. I especially like that this podcast touches on love in all forms — from relationships to motherhood, friendships to one night stands, to dating and the old missed connection in the grocery store (where I firmly believe I’ll meet my future husband). I’ve laughed and cried while listening, but mostly just leave with a hopeful feeling about humanity and our one universal language. One of my favorite episodes was “A Millennial’s Guide To Kissing” where actress Emmy Rossum reads a story about a 12-hour relationship on an airplane.”

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2 Dope Queens

This one is for the LOL’s. No topic is off limits for Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams. I love that they talk about everything we’ve probably thought about in passing, but have been afraid to ask. They are pure comedic gold. If you need more LOL’s, Phoebe just launched a new show Sooo Many White Guys, with executive producer Ilana Glazer (of Broad City fame).

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    Jennifer August 15, 2016 at 9:42 pm

    This is exactly the podcast content I had on my list to research. Thanks for the perfect timing and recommendations!



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