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5 Stories That Prove It’s Never Too Late to Change Careers

January 25th, 2018

Maybe it’s the un-PC nature of our biological clocks, or just good old-fashioned societal pressure, but it seems that women are especially susceptible to timelined expectations in life. Many of us want to achieve status in our dream jobs by 30, be married with multiple kids by 35, sell the company by 40… etc, etc. I don’t know about you, but my life hasn’t played out that way AT ALL. It’s actually been better than that, in ways I could never have designed. But first, I had to be open to embracing the natural flow of my own timeline, and let go of other people’s ideas and expectations that I was taking on as my own. Last week I set out to find five other women who threw the conventional timeline to the wind to discover their own dream jobs, and reap major rewards. If you think it’s too late to shift gears or go for the career you’ve always wanted, read these five stories and ask yourself the ultimate question: why not?

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  1. Kristina says:

    I love this piece. All at once reassuring and inspiring. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Jess says:

    This is so timely…I’m trying to transition from a career in biology/medicine (the only discipline I’ve ever known!) into web development and design. It’s scary, but I’m so excited!

  3. I love this, so inspiring. Although I don’t see why you would have a ‘never too late’ feeling in your twenties – isn’t chopping and changing what you do just part of life at this age? Who really knows what they want to do forever when they’re just out of their teens? Not many people I bet.

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  5. Helene says:

    I love it! But as I am in that transition stage, I note that is I much harder for those of us over 45 to find new career paths short of creating our own businesses. Not all roses and perfection.

  6. Dewey says:

    Well written article and it is encouraging to hear of women taking the courage to “follow their bliss.” I was hoping to see a few more stories of women at an older age. (perhaps because I am 62 and left a 45 year career to learn a new profession) Making a career change in your 20’s – even early 30’s – to me; is just figuring out what you want to do and doing it. Especially in your 20’s; you’ve not established a career yet. However, regardless of the age, I am always impressed with those who reach for more and don’t accept less. Thank you for the article.

  7. Ruth Preston says:

    This is perfect timing for me! I got really sick in July and have been off work ever since. I’ve discovered my creativity again though and have found I love making things and writing and taking pictures so I’ve started a blog and got a good camera and I’m handing in my resignation for my previous job so I don’t have to go back. Thanks for gathering these stories, they’re super encouraging!!

  8. JoJo Moyle says:

    Great article & definitely my story … I was on the career treadmill & doing fine in the eyes of the world but never really happy. At 52 (still feeling 32!) I decided to take a brief sabbatical & try a new hobby. The result is I’m finally living the life I love & loving the life I live. Be brave is my advice – remember this is not a dress rehearsal

  9. Amy says:

    This story/article is the best thing I’ve read in months. I believe life isn’t meant to be linear, at least not for everyone. I think, as women in particular, life has seasons. This article is a reminder that changing our minds or pursuing something new isn’t a sign of flakiness or inability to commit but, rather, an indication that we hear another drum beating somewhere off in the distance. Great article. Amy

  10. vlasicstudio says:

    I’ve got all those lovely ladies beat. As far as I know, I am the oldest woman to begin a career as a tattoo artist. I graduated my apprenticeship at 48 and have been happily creating art on people’s bodies ever since. I’ll be 50 in March and am loving life. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t do something, and don’t ever let the opinions and judgements of other deter you away from the life you really want. Our time here is finite, so jump in with both feet and go for it, whatever “it” is. (If you like you can follow my instagram at )

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  12. Ardice says:

    Wish this article had some older women. (Most are under 40) I’m 62 and wanting something new. Is it too late for me?

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