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Reign In the FOMO: Social Media Advice From Influencers We Love

September 13th, 2018

I’m sure you can imagine the eyebrows that were raised when the idea of a social media makeover came up at our team editorial meeting a few months ago. “Isn’t that a little… hypocritical?” was the main concern (coming from a team that makes its living on digital and social content.)

I think it’s safe to say that those who see influencers speaking out about the dangers or negative side of social media assume the same thing some of us did that morning. And it’s these assumptions that laid the groundwork for our 21-day social media challenge. With this campaign, we want to change our relationships with social media and how we use it as a daily tool to ignite conversation and interact with others, and most importantly, with ourselves. Influencers aside, we all have a right to be fed up with social media—with the judgements, the anxieties, the pressures, the bad raps, the world of cyberbullying and online trolls. It’s all so real. Why? Because we’re all real people—real people with loving families, children, friends, humor, compassion, goals, fears, anxieties, and self-doubt.

So, with the #CSSocialMediaMakeover challenge, it’s our goal for anyone who feels social media taking a negative toll on their life to know they’re not alone, and that we all have the power take control of our own happiness. And, what better way to empower us all to stop the mindless scroll than by seeking out personal advice from some of our favorite influencers who have had to reign it in themselves? Read on for their tips on how to develop healthy relationships with social media, reign in the FOMO, and stop the comparison game.

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  2. Madeline says:

    “Rein in” the FOMO. A queen reigns, and a horse is reined in.

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