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This Is Your Best Defense Against Bad Vibes

August 15th, 2017

Do you know what a sacred zone is? I learned about this during Lululemon The Immersion and it’s helped me strengthen my confidence and navigate a few relationships. Your sacred zone is your own personal space where you determine who is allowed to come in. In essence, you learn and decide to not let other people’s bad moods, poor social skills, or ego-filled comments affect your day.

I used to let others’ attitudes and moods dictate my day. It was my way of being an empathetic person, but once I put my sacred zone into play, I learned that I could still care deeply for someone and hear what they had to say, but place them outside of my sacred zone so that my day was not affected. I know what you’re thinking — easier said than done, right? Here’s a visual:

Imagine you’re Buzz Lightyear and you have a protective shield around you at all times. On your wrist is a button that allows you to open or close your shield. You’re in full control of that shield and nobody can get past it unless you let them. Visualizing this shield (or whatever variation works for you) is something I had to practice every day for the first few months. It was my daily reminder that no one had control over my day or my emotions.

But let’s say someone catches you off guard. Out of left field, someone you didn’t expect to say something rude, does. Your heart drops. Maybe your blood starts to boil. The last thing you’re thinking about is a Buzz Lightyear shield. We’ve all been there, right? This happened to me twice last month. In the first instance, a typically supportive friend wasn’t so supportive when something good happened for me. In the second, someone close to me said something very inappropriate about me, physically. I’m so very thankful I had enough confidence and poise in each of those moments to respond in a respectful and truthful manner. Here’s what I’ve learned since utilizing my sacred zone, and how I approach tough situations.

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  1. jill elliott says:

    I needed this today! I need to work on my shield and protecting my sacred space for sure…great post!

  2. Laleh javanbakht says:

    Well said !!! I need to learn to use my sheild once in awhile. ?

  3. Joy says:

    Your blog is one of the blogs I love reading because it’s always informative yet entertaining, thank you.

  4. Sally says:

    Wow! Perfect timing!
    I finally found the words to describe what’s going on with me! Thank you!

  5. Nisha Malik says:

    Wonderful article. I really needed some good tips to stay positive as I am sometimes surrounded with too many negative people!!!

    • Kelly Krause says:

      The negative people aren’t goin’ anywhere — but how we deal with them hopefully sets some good boundaries (for you & them!)

  6. Jeanette says:

    love this! just discovered the blog and love reading those posts about how to live a healthier, better & happier life..and how to be a kind person 😉

  7. Amanda says:

    Great article. I work with some really negative people. Time to put up my shield! 😉

  8. Joan Courtney says:

    When I am protecting my energy and have someone who “throws up” verbally (I have to do this. What do you think? Where should I go on vacay?)… before the conversation gains steam, I ask, Do you want me to listen? Or help you solve this issue? Clarifies expectations for both of us. And I get to keep my friends!

  9. Your own happiness matters most for sure!

  10. frankie says:

    this is good i often try to find ways to ward off bad-juju in my life. But I just to agree with the part about not letting in people in with poor social skills it like saying your not going to let a person in your circle just because they have one leg, which is how most people feel when they’re not sure how to talk to people or who might say an off key joke that everything is offended by. Blocking a bad vibe in my opinion is a presence that may make you feel off balance, and your feeling off balance it usually because intention my be off as well.

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