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How This Plus-Sized Model Found Food Freedom

June 13th, 2018

I first met Danika Brysha on the Internet, one week into my first Whole30. She was doing a takeover of the Whole30 insta account, and she led with why the program works for her as a reset, then gave us a real glimpse into her super busy and layered world. In addition to being the founder/CEO of the successful startup, Model Meals, she’s also a plus-size model and an advocate of self-care, wellness and body inclusivity. Rather than focusing on modeling and running a business, she used the takeover to speak about her financial set-backs, food addiction, sobriety, and the struggles and successes of taking care of herself. The way she used her time on Whole30’s platform in such an authentic, motivating, and inspiring way made me an instant fan.

This past April, Danika and her boyfriend left California and embarked on an 8-month cross country tour with “The Brunch Series,” a 6-hour workshop that brings together a small group of women to explore creating, building, and living the life of your dreams by establishing a daily self-care routine. When Danika stopped in Austin with the tour, I had an opportunity to interview her. Once again, she was open and candid about where she is in life with all things. She discussed being an entrepreneur, self-care, body image, addiction, relationships, and more recently, being on the road (and completely out of her comfort zone) where she had to establish new routines. But perhaps the thing that resonated most with me is Danika’s open relationship to food and how she’s achieved ‘Food Freedom’ by way of The Whole30 Program and constantly practicing what works best for her.

If you’re familiar with the Whole30 Program, you know that the end goal is to not only figure out what foods are causing inflammation and having a negative impact on your health and fitness, but also to get to a point where you’re in control of the food you eat, vs. the food controlling you. That’s what co-founder Melissa Hartwig calls, ‘Food Freedom.’ It’s 100% different for each person, but the goal is that you strip away all anxiety, guilt and bad habits around food. Pro-tip: Melissa’s book “Food Freedom Forever” is a really helpful read while you’re at the end of your Whole30.

For this month’s installment of Living KindlyDanika shares how she achieved her ‘Food Freedom’, and tips for how we all can, too.

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