A Bisquick breakfast and all the best intentions. Handprints traced and outlined courtesy of Crayola markers. Optimistic promises to treat chores as pleasures—not complaints. The consistency among these three seemingly-unrelated circumstances? They’re each a peek into the Mother’s Day gifts I’ve known and loved.

Now that I’m a mom myself three times over (a reality I still can’t wrap my mind around), I’m giving a pregnant pause to the concept of the holiday. Mother’s Day has me thinking of all the packed lunches, carpool pick-ups, tears dried, cheek smudges wiped away, hair tresses braided, and boo-boos bandaged. The goodnight kisses, the pages read (and re-read) and, of course, the many lullabies sung. 

The list of tasks, trials, and tribulations navigated continues. I’ve also been reflecting on all the sibling fights and feuds I’ve broken up, the carpet stains I’ve scrubbed (and scrubbed, and scrubbed… ), the insistence on finishing veggies before dessert, and the negotiations over why pajamas aren’t appropriate school attire. 

And it’s made me to decide to lean all the way in this year. 

For all the moments big and small, we moms deserve a treat. Too taxed to make a list of things you’d love to open on May 8th? I’ve got you covered with the best Mother’s Day gifts. Read on for some of my current wishlist items, and feel free to print out this guide and casually leave it on the kitchen counter. Okay, a note might be necessary, too.

Feature image by Michelle Nash.

16 Top-Rated Mother’s Day Gifts Every Mama Will Love

Flamingo Estate Roma Heirloom Tomato Candle

When sitting in the school pickup line, I slip on my sunnies and take five to fantasize about trips to far-flung places. This Roma tomato candle takes me straight to a sunny day in Italy—one match light at a time.

Flaming Estate Roma Heirloom Tomato Candle, $50

La Paloma Women’s Parker House Dress in Cobalt Checker

You had me at house dress. I think I own La Paloma’s dresses in every size and color for my two girls (plus the pajamas for my son), so you can imagine my delight when they started making the same dress for adults.

La Paloma Women’s Parker House Dress in Cobalt Checker, $108

Pique Passion Fruit Green Tea

When the temps hit swelter status, as they start to do this time of year in Texas, nothing soothes like a chilled glass of iced tea. My new fave blends are the ones from Pique. I love how the powder seamlessly mixes with both hot and cold water. Every Pique tea blend is beautifully free of heavy metals, pesticides, and toxic molds.

Pique Passion Fruit Green Tea, $16

Madame de la Maison Rose Colored Highball Glasses (Set of 4)

When in doubt, think antique. I love this set of jellyfish-inspired highball glasses from my Texas-turned-Parisian pal Ajiri Aki of Maison de la Maison. The sweetest shade of pink that’s perfect for a summery glass of ginger mint lemonade.

Madame de la Maison Rose Colored Highball Glasses (Set of 4), $135.08

Kermit’s Key West Key Lime Shoppe Key Lime Pie

Tart and creamy, it’s hard to deny key lime pie’s place as a surefire hostess hit. I’m especially partial to Ina Garten’s take on the classic as well as Camille’s healthy (but still 100 percent delish) spin. But if you want to go with an easy bite, opt for the award-winning version that’s delivered straight to your doorstep.

Kermit’s Key West Key Lime Shoppe Key Lime Pie, $79

Image by Michelle Nash

Sakara Beauty Water® + Detox Water Drops

Welcome to my newest obsession. In addition to adding ten thousand steps a day (thanks for the inspo, Kelly Krause!) I’m also making a big push to increase my daily water intake. Virtually tasteless, these detox and beauty water drops are just the push I need to get my water consumption up.

Sakara Beauty Water® + Detox Water Drops, $39

Taverna by Georgina Hayden

This spring, my husband and I will be traveling to Greece with my parents. Without the kids. Every so often, the fear of leaving my children while I galavant around Europe creeps in, but then I remember… I’ll be in Greece! Sipping on local wines! With my parents! This gorgeous cookbook encapsulates all the best that Mediterranean cuisine has to offer. Bonus, it’ll look beautiful on your mom’s bookshelf.

Taverna by Georgina Hayden, $35.36

La Double J Dessert Plate (Set of 6)

A fun take on regular old dessert plates, these porcelain beauties from fave La Double J will make your heart (and dinner table) sing.

La Double J Dessert Plate (Set of 6), $340

Made By Eliana 3” Planter

It’s true: sometimes the best things really do come in small packages. I’m smitten with these planters from Austin-based ceramicist Eliana Bernard. Take a trip to your local nursery for a plant to pot—and a gift that keeps on giving.

Made By Eliana 3” Planter, $58

Nak Armstrong Mini Emerald Green Enameled Heart Studs

I wear my heart on my sleeve for my kids all year long. But my lobes could use some love, too. Enter: these beautiful Ethiopian opal heart studs from Nak Armstrong.

Nak Armstrong Mini Emerald Green Enameled Heart Studs, $275

De La Heart Lymphatic Drainage Kit

For Christmas, my pal Sarah Wittenbraker gifted me this cult-fave lymphatic drainage kit, and it’s my wellness kit’s new go-to tool. Self-care at its finest.

De La Heart Lymphatic Drainage Kit, $49

Image by Nikole Ramsay

Gjusta Goods Gjusta Marinated Olive Oil

If you’re not familiar with Venice’s Gjusta Bakery, consider this your introduction. A bottle of their marinated olive oil is just what your pantry has been pining for.

Gjusta Goods Gjusta Marinated Olive Oil, $20

Farm Rio B&W Midnight Leopards Water Bottle

Hydrate, but make it fashion. Sure to inspire you to achieve your daily intake goals.

Farm Rio B&W Midnight Leopards Water Bottle, $45

Clare V Black Petit Ruffle Sweatshirt

Last year, I gifted my mom this delightful yellow number from Clare V. For those taking note: I’ve cleared a little space in my own closet for a sweet something from the same label.

Clare V Black Petit Ruffle Sweatshirt, $185

Oaktown Spice Shop Baker’s Delight Gift Box

Behold, the spiciest little shop you ever did see! I can’t get enough of this Oakland spot that’s brimming with blends, salts, and teas—and I’m especially partial to the unique cinnamons they source.

Oaktown Spice Shop Baker’s Delight Gift Box, $38

Heirloom Custom Cookbook

Organizing your favorite recipes is one of the best and sweetest ways to keep family memories alive. I love this new take on the classic recipe box. Simply gather your recipes, design your book, and voila! A gorgeous custom cookbook filled with all your family faves.

Heirloom Custom Cookbook, $500

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