I’m a huge fan of this month’s “simplicity” theme. As a proud resident of the Big Apple for the past 12 years, I’m no stranger to the constant craziness and complexity of Manhattan city life. In a city built on busy-ness and multi-tasking goals, I find it critical to my sanity, productivity and quality of life to adopt the “less is more” motto. It allows me to intensely focus on the important things that really matter. The trivial things then just fade away.  Turns out, we don’t like to be confused or overwhelmed by a crazy amount of things all happening at once.  And there is a remarkable power we harness when we embrace minimalism.

And so it is with music. It’s not about the notes you play, it’s about the spaces in between. Sometimes the best and most enjoyable hits choose one focal point to be complex, and all the other musical components are kept very simple. Music doesn’t need crazy chord structures or intense solos to be great and impactful.

So for this month’s playlist, I’ve selected some of my favorite minimalism music. Some from classic minimalism composers, like Philip Glass. Some I’ve selected for their simplistic sounds, such as ambient or drone sounds. And some songs that merely evoke feelings of simplicity through their melodies and beautifully simple messages. So tune in and enjoy a musical dose of the “simple life”…your brain will thank you for it.


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