Restless Nights? These 13 Products Will Give You the Best Sleep of Your Life

Nightstand necessities.

By Kelly Krause
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When I’m feeling nostalgic, I think back to the days when staying up late was a rite of passage. I resented my 7 o’clock bedtime and hoped against hope that my parents would let me stay up just a couple more hours. Even as a college student, all-nighters were the norm and forgoing sleep felt like the only way to have a social life. Well, needless to say that I, along with many of you, no longer want to function on too few hours of sleep. We’re big fans of sleep around here and will try almost anything to ensure we’re getting at least 8 hours a night. That’s why we’ve rounded up the best sleep products. Here’s hoping they help you get some restorative shut-eye, too.

Our evening routines are on lock. We shut the phone down a few hours before bedtime, keep the bedroom cool, and eat a light dinner. (And of course, wear our favorite breathable pajamas.) But what happens when your body or mind just won’t let you fall asleep? Thanks to a lot of testing (re: sleepless nights), I’ve got the answers. 13 to be exact.

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The Best Sleep Products for a Peaceful Slumber

From calm-inducing capsules to relaxing pillow mists and the most luxurious sleep mask you’ve ever slipped on, these are the tried-and-true products that’ll help us all ease into a peaceful slumber. As always, consult your physician if you have specific needs or questions! 

Fleur Marché Sleep, Plz Patches

If you want to feel calm and relaxed, stat, these patches are your answer. My partner and I tried them for the first time a few nights ago and we were floored by just how quickly we were whisked off to sleep. Not only that, but we woke up with energy levels we hadn’t felt in months (busy summer schedules will do that to you). Simply apply to your inner forearm and let the patches work their magic. Pro tip: these work great for long flights.

Equilibria Sleep Gummies

These (totally delish) cherry-flavored gummies are your ticket to a luxurious night’s sleep. It’s composed of 25mg full-spectrum hemp and 5mg hemp-derived compounds as well as our favorite sleep power players L-theanine and chamomile. I love taking this after a long day of running or being on my feet. These gummies also doesn’t have the terrible aftertaste that other edible sleep supplements leave behind.

Moon Juice Magnesi-Om

If powders and drinks are more your style, Moon Juice’s Magnesi-Om is a great alternative. With magnesium and L-theanine, this one also helps you wind down (body and mind) and tastes like a bedtime treat. 

Ritual BioSeries™ Melatonin

We know and love Ritual for its hero multivitamin. But now, alongside the releases of gut health, pre-natal, and skin-boosting supplements comes its take on melatonin—and we’re obsessed. It promotes a natural sleep-wake cycle by releasing a steady stream of melatonin through the night. And unlike other melatonin supplements, you won’t wake up feeling drowsy. This one is best for those who are highly stimulated throughout the day and need a hand in finding mental and physical calm.

Vitruvi Move Diffuser

Pour a few drops of your favorite lavender essential oil and prepare to drift off. The updated cordless version of the brand’s viral diffuser is a great way to level up your bedroom—and any room for that matter. If you want to get fancy, pair it with Vitruvi’s Nightcap diffuser blend. Featuring black pepper, blood orange, and ginger, it’s the trifecta of smoky-sweet, sleep-inducing scents.

OSEA x Parachute Sleep Time Bath Salts

If you’re a bath-before-bed type, look no further than these bath salts with lavender and essential oils to help relax your body. 

OSEA Vagus Nerve Pillow Mist

The vagus nerve is the longest cranial nerve in the body and activates the body’s relaxation response, while helping regulate stress. It’s a light and subtle scent that we like spraying on our linens just before crawling into bed. 

Lunya Washable Silk Sleep Eye Mask

Sometimes it really is the simplest things that work best. A few nights ago, I couldn’t fall asleep for the life of me. I was exhausted and nothing was working. Then I realized there was a bit of light creeping in from the moon, popped my sleep mask on, and fell asleep within minutes. This viral, silky eye mask is well worth the hype. Trust.

RE.VITYL Sleep Mist

A few spritzes of this sleep mist on my pillow at night make my bedroom feel like a luxe hotel experience. Featuring a soothing blend of organic lavender, rose, and chamomile essential oils, this mist is designed to promote melatonin release and ease your mind. Call it science or sleep magic—either way, you’ll soon be drifting off to dreamland.

Nodpod Weighted Eye Mask

If I need to nap off a headache or go to bed awash with anxiety, this weighted eye mask does just the trick. I love that the four weighted pods fit your unique facial structure, offering a soothing pressure that coaxes me toward a restful night’s sleep.

Kin Euphorics Dream Light

While that 8 p.m. glass of wine might make you feel drowsy, it actually disrupts your sleep mid-snooze—preventing you from waking up feeling totally restored. Consider this a better nightcap. With calming Reishi mushroom, sleep-promoting melatonin, and digestion-supporting botanicals, it’s a smoky-spicy sipper that’s perfect for ending the evening.