What to Do With Your Life in August

Make the most of it before it’s too late.

By Jenn Rose Smith
Do one thing that scares you...

No matter how many years it’s been since graduation, I still cringe when I hear that first dreaded back-to-school commercial on tv. I always want to savor this time of year, and find myself wishing I could stop time for a moment. I obviously have zero qualms when it comes to getting super emo about August, and this year I’m going full Outsiders on you by quoting Robert Frost: nothing gold can stay. Summers don’t last forever, so read on for ten ideas for how to make the best of what’s left. Remember to swim, sleep, and play as much as possible.

Stay gold, y’all.

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Take a road trip

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…and send friends postcards and letters along the way.

image by hannah haston

Have someone take your portrait through a screen door.

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Imagine living in an old sea captain’s house.

Catch the new indie Eighth Grade (and be so glad you didn’t have to survive middle school with social media.)

Treat yourself to a little back-to-school shopping for grown ups.

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Do one thing that scares you

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…and blast our August bravery playlist to hype yourself up before you do.

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Party on the back porch with friends.

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Eat as much okra as you can before summer is over.