What to Do With Your Life in June

By Jenn Rose Smith

I’ve always been a child of summer, so June is one of the happiest times of the year for me. Even though grown up work is year round, I still manage to get that old beginning-of-summer feeling that got me skipping as a kid. Life inevitably slows down in Austin during the summer, thanks to the heat (and the fact that a good portion of the University of Texas student body is out of town.) Our list of ideas for what to do in June is reminiscent of the lazy days of a high school summer, when the only real goals were to sleep in, tan, and find out where the boys were. Sigh.

Here’s to a dreamy month of June!

image by lenni the label

Take a desert road trip.

image by edible perspective


Get the gang together for Sunday Funday!

Rock one of these fun new swimsuits

Catch the opening night of Adrift on June 1st.

Seriously, though, how good does this trailer look?

Take an outdoor shower.

photo by for love and lemons

Sleep in.

image by sia space

Carry a fishnet bag.

(I’m crushing on this one from Staud!)

Buy Mazzy Star’s new album on vinyl, Still, dropping June 1st. 

image by emily saenz

Jump in with your clothes on.