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What You Should Be Doing During a Non-Election Year

August 16th, 2017

When I interviewed Naomi Wolf via phone, it was less than a week before the terrible events in Charlottesville rocked our nation. We were already looking for ways to use our platform to become more informed and involved citizens, and when Naomi agreed to an interview we jumped at the opportunity. It’s not every day we get to speak with a former advisor to Bill Clinton and Al Gore, not to mention author of eight books (including the modern feminist classic The Beauty Myth.) For those of us who don’t work in government, it’s easy to feel completely helpless during a non-election year. Watching the deeply unsettling events of 2017 unfold, it’s tempting to wonder: do we have any power at all in between elections? According to Naomi we do. Read on to discover why writing your representative is probably a complete waste of time, how to find information about issues you care about, and why sharing your opinions on Facebook and Twitter might not be screaming into the void after all.

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  1. I think it goes without saying that this is an incredibly well-timed interview with Naomi Wolf, and it sounds like she has come up with a fascinating tool for people like me to be more politically active. I have a personal blog myself, so I’m looking forward to seeing if I could integrate Bill Cam.

  2. Diane Parkhill Smith says:

    What an amazing story! I was not
    aware of the tools that can be used
    To stay informed. Thanks for explaining Bill Cam. & Daily Clout.

  3. Sarah says:

    Great article. Only thing I would disagree with is that while petitions and emailing your reps is not very effective, calling them or showing up in person IS. Keep calling, folks!

  4. Emily says:

    More content like this please – this was very informative!

    • Jennifer Rose Smith says:

      Thank you, Emily! You can look forward to another interview with Naomi on our site about women’s issues coming soon. I’m excited to share that one with our readers.

  5. C McNulty says:

    If you are going to use this platform to discuss politics please choose interviews with women on BOTH sides of the political fence that represent ALL of your followers. For example Dana Perino would be an excellent choice .

    • Mel says:

      This is great information! I’m fairly politically involved, but this is the first I have heard of these tools, so I’m very appreciative of the information. I’m also happy to see that the folks involved in are willing to take a bit of a risk by using this platform to encourage civic engagement. Some people *might* be turned off (though the comments so far are very positive!) and I realize that is a business, but businesses can and should have some sort of greater vision for how they are run and what they put out into the world. Blogs have such incredible direct engagement with their audience, so kudos again for addressing this topic. After all, CS is a lifestyle blog, and the personal is political!

      • Jennifer Rose Smith says:

        Thank you so much for this comment, Mel. It was a big decision for us to do a story like this, but it always feels good to do the right thing. We believe that being an informed/involved citizen is a crucial part of the larger picture of personal wellness. We hope that this piece will inspire others to start thinking along the same lines!

  6. Mia says:

    Thank you for all this great info – I’m bookmarking Bill Cam and Daily Clout now! I applaud the Camille Styles team for going beyond “the pretty things” (which I of course enjoy too!) and writing about issues that matter. To Ms. Naomi Wolf — your work is inspiring!

    • Jennifer Rose Smith says:

      Thank you, Mia! We are excited to continue to challenge ourselves to tackle meaningful stories like this in the future.

  7. Erika Jackson says:

    This is awesome, Camille & team!

  8. Justine says:

    I have to say am a bit confused about not calling or petitioning your congress people. Have heard the exact opposite.

  9. Animeyt says:

    very useful information, Thanks

  10. Kathy says:

    Thanks you for this useful information.

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