By camillestyles

Bottoms Up :: Tomatillo Cucumber Cocktail

What better way to jazz up a Monday than with a tequila cocktail kicked up with jalapeño and (surprise!) tomatillos? I was super proud of my friend, blogger/artist/consultant Meg Biram (little known fact: she was one of my college besties!) when she told me she’d started subscribing to a CSA basket, since back in our college… read more

Weekend Notes

Is it true? Could it really be the last weekend of summer? Sure, temps will still hit triple digits here for a few more weeks, but once I spot that first kid with a backpack headed to school on Monday morning, the mental shift will have begun as I realize it’s time to set some goals… read more

From Camille’s Kitchen :: Golden Beet & Cherry Salad

While I eat my fare share of salads all year around, they really shine when summer produce reaches its peak and I can choose from the bounty of sweet melons, heirloom tomatoes and an abundance of herbs at the market — often, a squeeze of lemon, drizzle of extra-virgin olive oil, salt and freshly ground… read more

How to Cook With Your Kids

When I was pregnant, I read the book Bringing Up Bébé about the benefits of the French parenting style. In one scene, the author recounts an experience where she watched one of her friends bake a cake with her 3-year-old daughter — a relaxing weekend tradition that is de rigueur in many French households. Ever since, I’ve carried around a… read more

Essentials for A Modern Bath

The bathroom is the spot where I start and end the day — blow drying my hair in the morning as I consider the day ahead, putting on makeup before I head out the door, and then in the evening, winding down as I sink (finally!) into the tub. Luckily, since the bathroom is such a small spot… read more

Weekend Notes

Today I’m spending the day with four of my best girl friends – having lunch, laying by a pool, and most of all, just catching up on life. In our early twenties, the five of us (plus a couple more) were thick as thieves, but since half of our group has moved away from Austin, it’s a… read more

10 Best :: Summer Tomato Recipes

To-may-to, To-mah-to! If you haven’t guessed from the dozens of recipes popping up in your Pinterest feed, it’s officially tomato season. I love buying local produce when I can, and the farm fresh tomatoes spilling over grocery and farmer’s market shelves (in a mouthwatering array of colors) makes it pretty easy this time of year. When you… read more

How to :: Setup the Perfect Bagel Bar

The build-your-own bagel bar at our bachelorette brunch from this morning was such a major hit, I wondered why I hadn’t done this setup at countless gatherings before. It couldn’t have been simpler to put together, required zero cooking time (a major plus when the weather’s as hot as it is in Austin right now),… read more

A Bachelorette Brunch With Plum Pretty Sugar

I’m forever on the hunt for the perfect pajamas and loungewear — pieces that strike a balance between being insanely comfortable and incredibly pretty. Bonus points if they’re a one-piece or part of a matching set, so that I don’t have to expend any energy putting together a complete “outfit.” I fell in love with… read more

Weekend Notes

So far, this weekend has been absolutely perfect. We’re hosting our cousins who are visiting from England, and there’s nothing like out-of-town guests to make you hit the pause button on work and other commitments and take a little vacation yourself. After a morning hike and trip to the farmer’s market yesterday, we spent the… read more