By Elizabeth Winslow

Tastemakers :: Confituras

What if you could capture the most exquisite autumn day and put it in a jar: the blue sky, the crisp air, the scent of crushed leaves, all the sweet, tender lusciousness that’s been ripening on the tree for months and months through the long days of summer? Inside every piece of fruit is contained… read more

Tastemakers :: Arro

We’ve had a crush on the house-smoked meats and chewy pretzels at Easy Tiger for ages, and the blue plate-inspired, high-end comfort food at 24 Diner is one of our favorite spots in town for breakfast or lunch. When we stumbled into Arro for a visit with Chef Drew Curran on a cold, blustery afternoon… read more

Tastemakers :: Multicultural Community Cooking

Fair warning: if you’ve been dreaming about taking a leap towards work that’s deeply meaningful, this story might be just the push you’re looking for. In 2007, Meg Erskine met Johnson Doe and Paul Tiah, Liberian refugees who had recently landed in Austin, and in a moment, her life was changed. Drawn into their stories… read more

Tastemakers :: Bufalina

Simplicity — in food or fashion — requires courage and a pitch perfect understanding of what’s essential. At Bufalina, there are no wrong moves — owner Steven Dilley and his staff serve up a Platonian ideal of pizza, expertly fired in a wood-burning oven from Italy. There are fewer than ten pizzas on the menu,… read more

Tastemakers :: Easy Tiger

A city’s food scene is only as good as its best bakery. We went too long in Austin without a truly great bakery, so when I learned that my talented friend David Norman was coming on as head baker for the new Easy Tiger a couple years ago, I was beside myself. David has punched dough… read more

Tastemakers :: Revival Market

After discovering Revival Market in Houston, we look for reasons to head east as often as we can, ice chest ready to be filled with custom cuts of pastured meats, house-cured charcuterie, hard-to-find heirloom pantry items, store-made sauces and condiments, and prepared specialty items. The Heights is a historic neighborhood north of Houston’s sprawling downtown;… read more

Tastemakers :: Eden East

There’s farm to table… and then there’s Eden East. A visit to acclaimed Austin chef and restaurateur Sonya Cote’s newest concept is a magical dining experience: nestled among lush fields on an urban farm, with reclaimed wood tables under dusky skies and twinkling fairy lights, diners enjoy a sumptuous meal closer to the source than… read more

Tastemakers :: Santa Monica Farmer’s Market

There are a handful of culinary experiences I’m determined to cross off my long list before I die — luckily for me, I’ve made lots of progress already! High on the list was a visit to the Santa Monica Farmers’ Market (one of the finest in the country) alongside one of my culinary crushes, Amelia… read more

Tastemakers :: Ramen Tatsu-Ya

I’ve waited in line for lots of things: concert tickets, elections, and a new drivers’ license. But never, until recently, for ramen noodles. All that changed with the much-anticipated opening of Ramen Tatsu-Ya last year, a wildly delicious mecca of authentic ramen, gritty swank and super cool audio vibes. Owners Tatsu Aikawa and Takuya Matsumoto bring a… read more

Tastemakers :: La V

Chef Allison Jenkins and Sommelier Vilma Mazaite are a force of nature. The two met during culinary stints in Aspen, connecting over a shared exuberance for wine and food, and decided to bring their talents to Chef Allison’s native Texas. Get ready, because Austin’s dining scene is about to change in a big way. Last… read more