Middle Eastern Beet & Yogurt Toasts

By Elizabeth Winslow
Beet & Yogurt Spread

Beet & Yogurt Spread

As excited as I get to see summer really coming on at the market — fat, juicy tomatoes; cool, crunchy cucumbers; glossy, purple eggplant — I also get a little panicky about what’s going out of season. The earthy, vividly-colored beets I love so much won’t be around much longer here, so I’m making the most of the very tail end of the crop with a shockingly beautiful, cool spread of beets and tangy yogurt that just happens to go oh-so-well with chilled rose on still-bearable summer evenings. As easy on the eyes as it is to whip up, this makes a convert even out of avowed beet-avoiders. Use any seeds you have for garnish, and drizzle on the olive oil with a free hand. The spread keeps well for several days in a sealed container in the refrigerator.

Beet & Yogurt Spread

Beet & Yogurt Spread

Beet & Yogurt Spread


Middle Eastern Beet & Yogurt Toasts

Serves 6-8

Middle Eastern Beet & Yogurt Toasts

By Camille Styles

adapted from "Jerusalem" by Yotam Ottolenghi & Sami Tamimi


  • 1 bunch beets, tops trimmed
  • 2 cloves garlic, sliced
  • 1/2-1 c. Greek yogurt
  • 2 Tbs. olive oil
  • salt to taste

to serve:

  • toasted or grilled sourdough bread slices or pita crisps
  • 1 bunch spring onions, sliced thin
  • mixed seeds for sprinkling (pumpkin, poppy, sesame, sunflower, hemp)
  • Greek yogurt
  • olive oil for drizzling


  1. Roast beets until tender, peel and cut into quarters. Place beets in food processor with Greek yogurt, garlic cloves, olive oil, and salt and blend until smooth, scraping down sides as needed.
  2. Spread on toast and garnish with a dollop of Greek yogurt, sliced spring onions, a sprinkle of mixed seeds, and a drizzle of olive oil.

Comments (6)

  1. Benedetta says:

    It looks really delicious!

  2. Jeanine says:

    Yum! Elizabeth, this looks SO good!!

    1. Elizabeth Winslow says:

      Thanks Jeanine!

  3. Jessica_NourishedbyNutrition says:

    This looks lovely. I’ve seen and tried a lot of beet hummus but this is a little different and would definitely change things up a bit! Love it.

  4. Jessica says:

    This looks so yummy! How long will a batch stay good?

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