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3 Fresh Ways to Wear Flowers in Your Hair This Spring

April 13th, 2017

When we asked stylist Erica Rae to dream up a few fresh ways to wear real flowers as hair accessories, we knew she would come up with something that wasn’t a floral crown, (even though let’s face it — we’ll never stop loving those.).  Food, fashion and lifestyle PR Gal Mandy Mayekawa was the perfect model for these three looks, and fortunately for us she was totally down to try something new. “For as often as I ‘like’ and ‘pin’ different hairstyles, you’d think I would try something new every day! But alas I don’t… I tend to stick to a freshly blow-dried look, a classic pony style or top knot,” she confessed. We couldn’t wait to see what Erica would create with Mandy’s thick black hair and a fresh bouquet from Austin Flower Company. The three different looks she created are each charming and unexpected for spring — which one is your favorite?

photographed by jessica attie

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  1. Love the look, but I’d be afraid of attracting bees!

    Blush & Pearls by Angela

  2. 🙂 great, but if possible I would also like to have a wreath in the top of my collection

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