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May 5th, 2015

There are only a handful of brands in the beauty industry that can boast a truly legendary heritage, and Estée Lauder, loved equally by starlets and the average woman for decades, is undoubtedly at the tip top of the list. I can remember swiping on my grandmother’s Estée Lauder lipstick as a five-year-old, marveling at the transformative power of makeup… and years later, I count the brand’s Advanced Night Repair serum and Automatic Brow Pencil as absolute must-haves on my makeup table. I was honored to stop by The Estée Edit to share my fave spots in Austin last month, as well as team up for this video on my favorite foundation… so I thought it would be fun to turn the tables and shine the light on a few of the stylish women who are keeping Estée Lauder’s legacy alive, while making sure the brand stays firmly rooted in 2015. We interviewed three of those inspiring female figures: Lindsay, Alexandra, and Karen, to find out how they bring their own versions of modern glamour to the office while staying true to Estée’s mantra that “beauty is an attitude.” Click through to see how all three gorgeous gals balance style with the busyness of working in the beauty industry.

*photos by Belathée

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  1. Gabriella says:

    I really loved this feature! For me personally, Estée Lauder is the epitome of makeup. I remember getting my first product – a lipgloss – and even though I hardly ever wear lipgloss anymore, the smell of the classic EL one transports me right back to that moment! Glad to read about the serum, too. I keep hearing about it and have always hesitated to purchase it myself, but I guess I can’t escape what seems to be THE miracle product out there. 😉

    I know this is so random, but I went and watched the video and I have to say…I really like your voice, Camille! Ha! As a (half) Brit when I hear an American blogger speak for the first time I’m almost always surprised by their valley-girl accents. You sound lovely and that video just made me like you even more!

  2. Great post! I am a big fan of Estee Lauder myself so it was really cool getting some behind-the-scenes action, haha. Love these girls’ outfits too.

    The Office Stylist

  3. Chanel Dror says:

    When I picture fabulous fashion- and beauty-industry types in NYC, THIS is what I imagine. They look so chic! Something to aspire to, most certainly 🙂

  4. justine says:

    I love this series … keep it coming.

  5. There heels are awesome and looks Good

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