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The Camel Turtleneck

January 14th, 2015

oversized camel turtleneckHave you ever owned an item of clothing that is so cozy, you want to curl up in it on the couch at home… but that’s also so chic that it garners compliments wherever you take it? This waffle cashmere turtleneck from Hatch is that staple piece in my closet — I’ve worn it constantly (including on every single flight of my book tour) since adding it to my wardrobe in the fall, and its cocoon shape somehow managed to be as flattering then as it is now, when it comfortably skims over my growing baby bump.
oversized camel turtleneckWhen we started our Essential Pieces series (in which I search out the best versions of the classic pieces every gal should have in her closet), I knew that I wanted to include a camel turtleneck in the lineup. Whether it’s a curve-hugging body-con fit, or an oversized tunic like this one, a camel turtleneck always feels chic, pulled-together, and timeless. I love the textural waffle weave and luxe material of this one, and once I tried it on, its miraculous ability to flatter all shapes and sizes immediately made it the one.  oversized camel turtleneckThe secret to keeping an oversized sweater from looking bulky? Pair with fitted pieces underneath and sleek shoes that keep the entire look streamlined. Since the sweater is so long, I actually wore it with opaque black tights and over-the-knee leather boots so that everything except the sweater was really trim.
oversized camel turtleneckWe shot this look with Wynn Myers at the gorgeous bar in one of my favorite Austin spots, Hotel Saint Cecilia. Even when you’re just sipping on a grapefruit juice (like me, currently) stepping through the doors of this magical spot is the coolest way to spend an afternoon… or preferably, an entire weekend.oversized camel turtleneckShop the links below for everything I’m wearing in this look, plus a few other neutral turtlenecks I’m loving this season. And I’d love to hear in the comments: what sweater do you consider “essential” to your wardrobe every winter?

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What sweater do you consider "essential" to your wardrobe

11 Comments under :: The Camel Turtleneck
  1. maddie says:

    A black cashmere turtleneck is one of my essential winter pieces. It goes with everything! This year, however, I bought the same turtleneck in a pale blue shade, which I’ve been wearing with chocolate brown pants and a plaid scarf in shades of pale blue/chocolate brown/ivory. Different, yet classic.

  2. What a genius thing to fly in. I’m always so cold on planes. I love that bag too.

  3. justine says:

    The worst – make me fall in love with that green (affordable) bag and it’s out of stock. (:
    Love this whole look!
    My address is …. if you want to send that bag my way (:

  4. sev2108 says:

    It’s a little crazy to pay almost $400 for any one article of maternity clothing, no? I think my entire maternity wardrobe was $400. Maybe you could find some good other options for those of us who don’t get free clothes from Hatch?

    • It’s definitely an investment piece, and the best part about this sweater is that it’s really not “maternity” — I loved how it fit before I started showing at all, and this is a sweater that I anticipate wearing for the next 10 years. 🙂 I did include some lower-priced options that I also love in the “Shop the Post” section at the bottom, so definitely peruse those for other ideas. Enjoy!

  5. Mine’s from Anthro. Snagged it when I braved the Black Friday madness and it’s been my the cozy go-to in my closet since. It’s not online but here’s a similar version that my sister got with me and swears by:

    I’m wearing it in the bottom photo on this post. I’d bet it’s still in stores!

    May have to get the Hatch in my favorite color–grey!

  6. That is the perfect turtleneck that you can wear year after year.

  7. Elise says:

    I have a boyfriend-style chunky turtleneck from jcrew in navy that i can’t live without! Camille, you’re looking perfectly polished as always! What color nail polish are you wearing in these photos?? … I love it, great shade for this time of year!

    • Thanks so much Elise! Your chunky navy J.Crew turtleneck sounds like perfection. I have been getting a gel manicure in OPI’s “bubble bath”… my most recent one lasted 3 weeks!

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