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The Wool Coat

February 19th, 2015

workout wear / camel wool coatThere’s probably no better place to make a wardrobe investment than in a great wool coat. Considering it’s an item many of us wear every day through the winter, the cost-per-wear makes even a pricey piece practically pay for itself over time. Just something to consider should you be weighing the value of a big-ticket item (and yes, this line of reasoning does come in handy next time you need to justify a splurge — Adam says that I pull it out way too often!) For this post in our Essential Pieces series (in which I search out the best versions of the classic pieces every gal should have in her closet), I set out to find the perfect wool coat — one that would keep me warm (obvi), and look equally chic over a cocktail dress as workout clothes. Tall order, I know, so keep reading to find out which coat took the cake.
workout wear / camel wool coatWe shot this look on a late fall day (hence, why my baby bump isn’t yet popping), and I was wearing my current uniform for days when I don’t have any meetings and am bouncing between working at my desk, errands and hanging out with Phoebe. In other words, days when my top priorities are (a) comfort, and (b) the ability to run, lift a 30+ pound two-year-old, and who knows what else. Stretchy skinny jeans, the hoodie that I wear at least once a week, and my New Balance sneaks formed the foundation, and this camel wool Emerson Fry coat was the perfect cozy topper. workout wear / camel wool coat So, what made this coat stand out above all the others that I considered at the beginning of the season? For starters, the simplicity of the design really appeals to my current aesthetic — it gives the coat a timeless feel that’s slightly androgynous and makes it an instant classic. And the lean cut makes it look great whether it’s open or buttoned upAlso, the high quality makes it able to stand up to wintery elements on an everyday basis without being worse for the wear. With bigger ticket items like coats, always check for perfect seams, quality lining that’s not bunchy, and a weight that hangs well both open and closed. And finally, the length of this coat made it a winner. The fact that it goes all the way to the knee makes it not only warmer than a shorter coat, but it also works great over both short and knee-length dresses in addition to pants. workout wear / camel wool coat**update to this post: I’d thought this coat was sold out, but turns out it is still available online! Check it out here.

. I’d love to hear in the comments: is there a great everyday coat that you’ve been wearing nonstop this winter?contributorByline_Temporary_WynnMyers

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What everyday coat have you been wearing nonstop this winter?

19 Comments under :: The Wool Coat
  1. kristen says:

    Love the look and your hair!!!! Can I ask for the link of you sunglasses? Thanks

  2. I have been eyeing that coat all winter! I love the length and shade. It is definitely on my wish list!

  3. Sienna says:

    That light shade is so much more pleasing in the middle of winter. May I ask where you found that bag? It would be perfect for my upcoming trip to New York!

  4. I love everything in this outfit!! Obsessed with your wool coat and handbag! It looks very comfortable and chic! By the way, also loving the hair! 🙂

    The Office Stylist

  5. Charlotte says:

    I love the coat and the look! I was looking for a great all-around wool coat too and found this drop-waist one from JCrew that I love! It’s been my go-to all season 🙂

  6. i have been wearing non stop black coats.
    black never go out of fashion
    by the way love your blog !?

  7. Vanessa says:

    The link doesn’t seem to be working. Where is the coat from? I’ve been looking for a grey coat like that for a while!

  8. Emma Felin says:

    So pretty! I love this outfit and coat.



  9. Lisa says:

    Are those shoes still available. Love them

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