Camille Styles

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Designer Katie James with her children on the beach in Tulum

Katie James

By / June 16th

byJAMES is one of those brands that had us a first sight. It’s everything we love at Camille Styles: simple, timeless, and beachy with just the right dose of modernity. …read more

How Emma Willis spends her mornings

Emma Heming Willis

By / April 13th

I love that our new Getting Dressed With series provides the chance to peek into the lives of some incredibly chic women and answer such burning questions as, “What does a typical morning look …read more

Inside the home of the impossibly chic founder of tenoverten

Nadine Abramcyk

By / March 10th

The best pedicure I’ve ever had took place at the new tenoverten that opened in Austin a few weeks ago. Sure the polish was flawlessly applied and the space was gorgeous, but what …read more

Getting dressed with Katie Kime

Katie Kime

By / February 18th

Among the interior design set, and in Austin especially, the name Katie Kime has been popping up a lot lately. So what’s all the buzz about? Maybe it’s her new …read more

The closet of Kristen Lee Cole in Austin, Texas. Wow!

Kristen Lee Cole

By / December 18th

Whether you’re a “morning person” or not, we think you’re going to love our new series featuring insanely cool girls like Kristen Lee Cole. In Getting Dressed With, we’ll be …read more