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DIY Incense Valentines


Incense Valentines

By / February 11th

We worked with designer Sarah Contrucci Smith to create these fun incense party favors. Inspired by her indigo-and-cream textile designs at Ara Collective , this favor was the perfect table dressing during …read more

DIY Halloween Monster Favor Bags


Monster Favor Bags

By / October 7th

Ah, the magic of googly eyes. How is it that they’re so simple, yet as soon as they’re placed on any inanimate object, it’s brought to life? I love testing that theory …read more

DIY Carnation Stir Sticks


Carnation Stir Sticks

By / June 9th

It’s summertime, and you need these stir sticks in your life… or at the very least, in your cocktails. Planning to host (or co-host) any time soon? These little beauties …read more