What’s New for September :: All About Style

I love everything about this time of year. There is something about getting all the oversized September issues from my favorite style mags in the mail that makes me feel like the Fall season is just around the corner. And with spending the last part of the summer nesting with our new baby, Greta Scott,… read more

What’s New for July :: Travel

No matter the time of year, travel is always a hot topic around the Camille Styles headquarters — we all huddled behind Camille’s computer monitor on her first day back in the office to see all the photos from her recent trip to St. Tropez, and we have lived vicariously through Chanel’s summer jaunts to… read more

What’s New for May :: Wellness

Butter Coffee…Miracle Drink or Crazy Health Fad?, our picks for the latest in workout gear, a sneak peek inside the healthy and inspiring lifestyle of superstar athlete couple Olympian Trey Hardee and his fiancee Chelsea Johnson (pictured)—and this is just the beginning of all we have in store for you this month, as we focus… read more

What’s New for April :: The Great Outdoors

It’s been a long winter…as the sun is starting to shine a bit brighter and the temperatures rise higher, we can’t help but open all the windows and joyfully let the light in! This month, we are saying bring on the Vitamin D and stepping outside to soak up the sun. We will share unique… read more

Weekend Notes

Yesterday was a good reminder that, no matter how diligently we plan and schedule, if our bodies don’t cooperate it all goes kaput. I woke up yesterday to a gorgeous Saturday morning stretching ahead, yet couldn’t even make it out from under the covers — I knew immediately that I’d been hit hard with a… read more

Searching Smart with Bing

Any of you guys sometimes get so set in your internet searching ways that you sometimes forget there are options when it comes to search engines? I was intrigued when Bing approached me with the opportunity to learn more about their revamped platform — and what I found is that it’s more than just a search… read more

eBay Collections for Holiday Giving

You guys probably know by now that you can find just about anything on eBay — at some pretty unbelievable prices, I might add. (Most recently, I’ve been trolling eBay nonstop to find the perfect pieces for our new studio space!) But you may not know that you can now group all your favorite finds into easy-to-navigate… read more

My Life, Styled :: Timeless Style

Happy December, friends! Can you believe it’s upon us already? With baby girl on the way, there’s something about this holiday season that feels extra special, so I’m doing my best this month to really savor every moment. That means actually making all of those festive recipes I pin and then usually forget about, shopping… read more

12 Tastes of Christmas :: Athena’s Short Ribs

So thrilled to be kicking off another lineup of “12 Tastes of Christmas” — the annual series in which we ask our favorite foodies and tastemakers around the country to stop by and share what they’ll be serving on their holiday tables this season. We have so many great ones to inspire all kinds of culinary… read more