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Halloween Party for Grown-Ups

October 20th, 2015

When I took a poll last month about which seasonal menus you’d love to get a little help with, “Adult Halloween Party” was one of the most frequent requests. I’m right there with you: it can be really tough to find the balance between spooky and sophisticated, and while you want to infuse the menu with a little theatrics, you also want items that taste really delicious. Add to that the fact that guests will likely be coming and going all evening, requiring menu items that can hang out on the stove or countertop for a couple hours without being worse for the wear. I embraced the challenge and dug up some of my favorite fall comfort food dishes we’ve ever posted… with a dash of pumpkin and poison berries thrown in for good measure. Click through for the recipes, and I’d love to hear what you’ll be serving at Halloween parties this year!

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4 Comments under :: Halloween Party for Grown-Ups
  1. Take me to that P A R T Y ! Oh my Gosh i lovveee every detail down to thinking about people needing pillows and throws if it gets chilly… i love that it is a subtle hint for your guests to relax and stay a while! Thank you for inspiring us to have a fall party! Sam and Kate Design

  2. Sophie Z says:

    Love this!! Everything is put together perfectly.

  3. Gaby Dalkin says:

    That pumpkin salad with pomegranate & yogurt?! Gimme!!

  4. Emily Allen says:

    I love this! Completely agree that we need more ideas for adult Halloween parties. I found dark, intriguing vegetables at the farmer’s market to add some mystery to my Halloween dinner party, and added a “wicked witch” green watercress soup with egg as a starter. I love your Poison Berry cocktail. Thank you for sharing this beautiful gallery!

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