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The Menu for Your Next Fall Brunch

November 1st, 2016

editor’s note: I found a new kitchen staple in Eric Prum and Josh Williams’ cookbook, Host. Chock full of inspired-yet-approachable recipes and advice for creating delicious meals for friends, the book truly feels like it was written for me and others like me who just like to keep things simple and tasty. But if you thought this cookbook was Prum and Williams’ first rodeo, you’d be oh-so-wrong. Since founding their company, W&P Design, the duo have created more than 200 food and bev products, including the Mason Shaker, Peak Ice Works, and the Carry On Cocktail Kit… these guys are legends! And today, they’re joining us to share four recipes that belong at the very top of your fall must-make list.

From Eric and Josh: There’s something special about fall in Brooklyn. After long, steamy summer nights, the air takes on a crispness that’s welcome and refreshing. People start busting out their flannel collection, and the markets start filling with seasonal additions like apples and squash. We like to celebrate the season by gathering our friends for Saturday afternoon drinks — these get-togethers are reminiscent of football Saturdays in college, but instead of sports, everything is centered on food, drink and catching up after a busy week of work. We make a point to plan a low-maintenance menu that won’t wake us away from our time with friends. As the afternoon fades to night, we keep warm with tall glasses of easy-to-make spiked cider and crusty bread topped with burrata and squash.

*photography by Scott Bleicher


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