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8 Easy Ways to Make This Father’s Day Special

June 5th, 2017

It’s unclear why dads are the hardest customers to shop for. Maybe it’s because they have a tendency of getting what they want for themselves. Or maybe it’s because they tend to be (as a group) not expecting of gifts in general. Whatever the case, Father’s Day is an annual consumer crisis and we all too often find ourselves sheepishly handing over some terrible silver plated pen in defeat. This year we’ve focused in on one single truth — however we choose to show our love, what’s important is that it’s from the heart. Whether it be handmade or not a gift at all, these 8 Father’s Day ideas will be sure to put a smile on Dad’s face this year.

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3 Comments under :: 8 Easy Ways to Make This Father’s Day Special
  1. Some really great ideas! Sophie x

  2. Love the DIY shirt gift wrapping and the tool box picnic idea! I love getting my dad tickets to a game or signing us up for a race!

  3. Cori says:

    I’ve used a hat as sort of a basket before then loaded it with goodies my husband liked and that the kids picked out for him. Another unique idea is using Event YardCard in the lawn outfont and having huge signs spell out “we love dad” or “#1 Dad!”

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