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Dream Job :: Art Curator at Wythe Hotel

When we think of “hotel artwork,” most of us can’t help but imagine mass-produced abstract prints in poor color choices, or large-scale, arbitrary stock photography (insert sad face). But at Brooklyn’s Wythe Hotel, that’s not nearly the case; instead, each and every piece of artwork you’ll see has been carefully and intentionally selected to bolster… read more

Transformed :: String Theory

September is here and I (Claire) am still trying to grasp the fact that the summer has passed me by. I am however ready for the change (namely the cooler weather!) that fall will bring. What better way to welcome the new season than with a fun, personal, and inexpensive project to brighten up any dull bedroom wall? If… read more

Transformed :: Bedroom Walls

New seasons bring so many changes, and in recent weeks I (Claire) have had quite the exciting change in my life: Chanel is my new roommate! She moved in at the beginning of August and as you can imagine, both our DIY minds under one roof have resulted in endless project possibilities. First up? Filling the blank… read more

Transformed :: I Saw The Sign

Morning, everyone! Claire here, and I’ve got to hand it to you all for your super creative and valuable input when it came to brainstorming this project. As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, Camille and Adam came across a piece of subway-inspired graphic artwork on their Santa Barbara babymoon that they absolutely loved. So when they… read more

Transformed :: Graphic Signage

Morning, everyone! Claire here with a home decor poll that I’d love your help with. If you’ve been following along with Camille’s travels (green with envy like me, I’m sure), then you know that she and Adam recently wandered west for a Southern California getaway. While there, the two of them stumbled upon a striking piece of… read more

Featured Artist :: Ideal Bookshelf

It feels like every bookworm I know has an iPad or Kindle, and while I’m all for tech innovations (some might even call me an early adopter), I can’t help but feel a little sad for hard copy books. There’s just no accessory that warms a space like the colorful spines of dozens of hardbacks… read more

Do You Dare :: Walk-By Closet

Hi everyone! Michelle here, with a daring yet dainty approach to wardrobe organization. We’re all comfortable with setting out fashion photography coffee table books or hanging our favorite blown up editorial images on the walls. But lately I’ve been noticing that the marriage of fashion and interior design can be bolstered even more. Shouldn’t the ruffled, floral and sequined… read more

Transformed :: Door Decor

Hi everyone! Claire here, with a project that I’m thrilled to say, has been one of my easiest yet. Two weeks ago I confessed to you all my need for a quick home pick-me-up to distract me from the other looming projects I’ve been putting off. I was so inspired by all the incredible designs I discovered, and after much… read more

Featured Artist :: Kirstie Van Noort

I’m fairly confident that today’s featured artist could have an entire series on the blog devoted to showcasing her work. While her drawings and photography are beautiful in their own right, it’s Kirstie Van Noort’s ceramics that have me absolutely swooning today (I’m talkin’, hundreds of breathtaking photos). With a look that’s entirely handmade in… read more

Featured Artist :: Conilab

Don’t get me wrong, I am so enjoying all the love in the air this time of year. I love love as much as the next girl, but I have to wonder, why don’t we celebrate it all year round? I’m totally dwelling on the thought of a world where we shower loved ones with kisses and… read more