It’s safe to say we’re in the midst of an interior decorating boom—and it’s really not surprising. After so much time spent indoors, we’re very acquainted with the inner workings of our spaces and looking for a change. Artwork is a great way to switch things up. From textiles to sculptures, lighting, and paintings, there are so many ways you can express your sense of style at home through art. The options are endless, but that can also be overwhelming, too. Even the thought of purchasing art can feel intimidating at times. To help, we tapped Tze Chun, founder of NY-based gallery, Uprise Art. Ahead she shares some insight into the biggest wall art trends of 2021 and how we can access them at every price point.

Chun and her team of in-house art advisors curate for individual collectors, corporate collections, and architectural projects around the world, so it’s safe to say she has firsthand knowledge of what’s trending in the art world. But before we roll out the big trends, Chun wants to stress the importance, however, of taking your time when investing in art. Art collecting is a wonderful journey so enjoy the process, and leave space (physically and financially) to acquire pieces slowly over time as you discover them. Never feel pressured into rushing any decision that doesn’t feel right for you either.

Since art is often the final step in the interior design process, a lot of homeowners end up living with blank walls because they lose steam or don’t know where to start. This year, more people are finally finding works for their homes—and WFH Zoom backgrounds! “Art offers the ability to see the world from a different perspective, through the artist’s eyes,” notes Chun. “This past year has made that change of perspective not only desirable but necessary. With art, you’re able to explore the world and new ideas by bringing those ideas into your own home when you may not be able to travel to new places or engage in conversation.” We couldn’t agree more!

Keep scrolling for the biggest wall art trends of 2021!

Image by Sean Litchfield, courtesy of Uprise Art.

Indigo and Natural Dyes

Artists are putting their materials at the forefront and experimenting with pigments and dyes of their own making. Chun recommends trying this trend in the dining room.

14 Layers Indigo Art Print by Kerri Rosenthal

Part of Rosenthal’s Simply Summer series, this piece is a lovely representation of this gorgeous blue hue.

Buy it here.

Pillar (In Indigo) by Cheryl Humphries

This series began as a color study that relied on simple shapes and small canvases that allowed the artist to explore color. Each paper tile has been individually torn, dyed, and printed to become part of the whole.

Buy it here.

Indigo Drawing #3 by Aliza Cohen

A lovely piece that is seemingly simple, but adds a pop of color, has interesting details and has thoughtful shapes.

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Abstract Indigo Print

Consider adding some minimalist art to your space with this abstract block-style illustration.

Buy it here.

Indigo Batik Framed Paper Print, #2

Created to look like a batik textile, this giclée reproduction is printed on raw canvas and has hand-frayed edges to give it an authentic and weathered look.

Buy it here.

Sparrow & Sage Indigo Textile VIII

Another batik-inspired piece, this traditional and geometric art is outlined with hand stitching.

Buy it here.

Minimalist Painting Blue II

Most interior aesthetics would complement this sustainably created work of art.

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Image by Sean Litchfield, courtesy of Uprise Art

Architectural Angles

In a time of uncertainty, the clarity of lines and supportive structures has been welcome. You’ll often see this artwork style in entryways and other small spaces.

Broad Museum Illustration

This gorgeous illustration of the Broad Museum is incredibly interesting and adds lots of dimension to a space.

Buy it here.

Color Block Line Abstract XVI

Neutral shades and color blocking never go out of style.

Buy it here.

Morocco Pastels 13 by Jan Prengel

This stunning new series of photographs by Prengel celebrate the design of cities in North Africa and focus on the geometry and color of space.

Buy it here.

Modern Geometric Minimalist Acrylic Wall Art

Inspired by a geometric shape, this original geometric minimalist art is hand-made to order.

Buy it here.

Scandanavian Print

Bring a bit of that chic Scandanavian style to your home with this print.

Buy it here.

Rustic Geometry 1

Available in six colorways, it’s a minimalist look at shapes used in architecture that create a minimalist and striking composition.

Buy it here.

Antelope in Water Well

this bold piece of art would look stunning in a dark room.

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Image by Wit & Delight, courtesy of Uprise Art.

An Exploration of Craft

Chun has noticed a renewed interest in sewn fabric, textile patterns, and hand-made materials. They can warm up a cozy space like a library or den.

Vintage Kuba Cloth Textile

This authentic vintage African Kuba cloth is hand-stitched with natural raffia appliqués with a flat weave center design.

Buy it now.

Mali Textile Framed Print 

Pick up a giclée reproduction on matte paper and ink in a white pine frame.

Buy it here.

Lomas Wall Hanging

Bring a touch of serenity to your space with this incredible, museum-quality wall hanging. It was handcrafted by a group of 11 artisans in Mexico using sustainable, traditional techniques.

Buy it here.

Teresina Wall Art

This handwoven piece was made in India and features a mixed-texture loop pile with fringe trim.

Buy it here.

Burke Decor Hygge Hand Woven Wall Art

Revitalize your home with this meticulously woven, charming piece.

Buy it here.

Shibori Fabric Art

This Shibori gramed fabric wall art is made of cotton fabric that is twisted and dyed to create geometric patterns.

Buy it here.

Nadim Framed Textile

A framed textile is always a unique and interesting way to add art to a room, and this Austin-made textile is no exception.

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Image by Genevieve Garruppo, courtesy of Uprise Art

Nature Abstracted

Artwork featuring colorful flora and fauna is finding its place in many a living room. These works also have plenty of negative space so that the compositions can find balance.

Vintage Bird Print

Bring some sweet birds into your space with this lovely vintage print.

Buy it here.

Bending Over Backward by Jimmy Thompson

The tones may be neutral, but this gorgeous scene inspires a feeling of lush serenity.

Buy it here.

94 by Kayla Plosz Antiel

Created via gouache and watercolor on paper, this colorful, sweetly gentle artwork would look lovely in any room.

Buy it here.

Deep Ecology 01 by Johanna Tagada Hoffbeck

Explore the world of non-human organisms with this delicate creation made of found paper, washi, and oil paints.

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Fiddle Leaf Tree Art Print

Can’t keep a fiddle leaf fig alive IRL? Get the vibe with this print.

Buy it here.

Dove by Jessica Sinks

Sinks’ background in conservation has inspired her work, which centers around visual puns and iconic images, as this love Dove.

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Pressed Botanical Wall Art

Can’t commit to a color palette? This piece of art features the impressions of real flowers set in resin, so you can add that botanical look to any aesthetic.

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Anenome Print

This minimalist abstract wall print has a floral motif and some texture that doesn’t overpower a space.

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Abstract Botanical Floral Diptych I

The artist was inspired by the beautiful colors of their friend’s wedding bouquet. The neutral shades make it complimentary to any color palette.

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Watercolor Botanical Set of 3

Set a floral tone in the room with this stunning set of three botanical prints.

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Image by Sean Litchfield, courtesy of Uprise Art.

Outside In

Unsurprisingly, one of the biggest wall art trends of 2021 is the celebration of the great outdoors. People are bringing landscapes and other gorgeous views inside their homes, oftentimes in the living room.

Antique Landscape Print

Keep things simple with a digital print! Just download, print, and frame this vintage oil painting that was completed in the mid-1800s.

Buy it here.

Float XIX Poster

Make every day a day at the beach with this wonderful print.

Buy it here.

Untitled VIII (Joshua Tree)

Inspired by the film Picnic at Hanging Rock, this photograph is printed with archival ink on museum-quality cotton rag paper.

Buy it here.

Sketchbook (02.01.15) by Ryan James MacFarland

Bring the natural world in with this gorgeous photograph.

Buy it here.

Distant Land Triptych

These blurred landscapes are slightly ethereal and pensive, adding a bit of mystery to a space.

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Misty Lake

This photograph is part of a serious collection of work that captures pastoral scenes in Montana and Wyoming and is available in multiple tones, as well as black and white.

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Overcast Wetland

This sumptuous and romantic piece is made to order and has a thoughtful, emotional feel.

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