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17 Resolutions To Make 2017 Your Best Year Ever

December 30th, 2016

During the last few days of the year, we’re thinking about the goals that will help us become better in 2017. Whether you’re the type of person who picks one resolution and dedicates all of her energy to it, or the girl who writes down three to five resolutions to keep in mind throughout the year, I encourage you all to add one more thing to your list: keep setting goals.

This is the time of year when many of us feel our most motivated, but as we all know, life tends to get in the way. Don’t be discouraged if some of your resolutions don’t last past St. Patrick’s Day; at the end of the day, you tried something new and learned something about yourself. And remember, January 1st isn’t the only day you can turn over a new leaf – maybe it makes more sense to launch your business in April, or learn a new language when you have free time in the summer. Make 2017 your best year ever by coming back and reviewing your goals frequently, then feel free to adjust as needed. Keep reading for 17 of our favorites to get you started, and if your goal is to become a morning person this year, we’ve got you covered! 

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17 Comments under :: 17 Resolutions To Make 2017 Your Best Year Ever
  1. Love this list! I’m definitely going to incorporate a lot of these things into my life in the New Year (some of them I already do, but should make more of a priority). Thanks for sharing goals that we can all strive for!

  2. Jennifer Rose Smith says:

    Great list, Carmen! Trying to learn a new language was one of my 2016 goals… now I am about halfway through Rosetta Stone for Spanish! My 2017 goal is to complete the program, then reward myself with a trip to Spain.

  3. Susan Krzywicki says:

    I think the “teach an older person” attitude is not very helpful. Time to broaden your horizons and think about all humans as being competent and capable. Find a better term to describe your desire to transfer skills.

  4. Jill says:

    Tangible goals! I appreciate the list so much and am inspired by many things on it.

  5. Caroline says:

    Though I see your kind intent, Carmen, as an ‘older person’, I have to agree with Susan on that one.
    I never believed it until I hit my 60s, but it has slowly dawned on me that I am seen by the world (or at least a good part of it) as diminished somehow because of my age — less capable, less creative, and certainly less beautiful. The funny thing is, I actually have more to offer this mixed-up world after a lifetime of experiences. Let’s all make a resolution to look at everyone without preconceived notions in 2017. I am positive we’ll be better for it!

    • Jennifer Rose Smith says:

      Hi Caroline and Susan! I’m chiming here because I contributed this idea to Carmen’s post. I was inspired by a personal experience — I gave my 80 year old grandmother an ipad last Christmas and taught her to use it. It was basically her first computer, and has been totally life-changing for her. We email almost every week now, I send her photos from my travels, and this year she bought everyone’s gifts online! It was a special experience for the two of us, and I just thought others might be inspired to do the same with their own family members. I did not intend to imply that all older people are computer illiterate. I should have worded that more carefully. Apologies.

  6. Tanka says:

    This was a wonderful post. I love how so many of these resolutions are different from your average, “I’m going to lose weight” resolutions that are made. I also love how these resolutions can lead to a happier life and even better life for humanity in general. In a time where our society is suffering greatly and all compassion for humanity has seemed to go out of the window; by us making these small changes I’m hoping that the future as a whole will be better.

    xx- Tanka

  7. Caroline says:

    Jenn, thank you for sharing the story of the gift you gave your grandmother. I can see how that gift enlarged her world while bringing her closer to her loved ones. That might just be the definition of a perfect gift 🙂

  8. Victoria says:

    This was a brilliant and inspiring post! I’m definitely taking a few of these goals for myself and my 2017! X

    Victoria | VictoriaaHelenn

  9. 2017 intentions’ list made – check and check! Thanks again ladies! Always on point <3

  10. Sofia says:

    Yes to all of this!! I’ve bookmarked this for later because, out of all the years I’ve read posts like this, I think is the best one. Thank you for so many great ideas to try for the new year! I hope your 2017 is swell!

    xo, Sofia

  11. Such an inspiring post, and just what i needed! I’ve been seriously lacking ideas for ways to improve myself and my life this year so i will be adopting a fair few of these!

  12. katrina says:

    Time to start shopping! Thanks for sharing!

  13. Jill calabucci says:

    I love this list. There are a lot of items I never would have thought about and now want to add to my list. Happy new year!

  14. clxlouise says:

    This post is so inspiring, just what I need to start my 2017 off right!
    Cloe X

  15. Great post! Thanks for sharing.

  16. You are inspiring me to change!!
    Thank yoooouuuu

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