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10 Summer Destinations We’re Dreaming About

May 19th, 2017

It’s been a running joke in our office that whoever writes one of our cream of the crop fashion stories better be ready to drop some cash — aka it’s impossible to edit a list of the best new swimsuits without ending up buying at least one. That said, putting together this post of our dream summer travel destinations has me seriously considering opening up a new credit card. How else am I going to get to Zambia this summer? I’m only halfway kidding. Hold on to your pocketbook and check out the ten destinations our team is dreaming about this year.

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17 Comments under :: 10 Summer Destinations We’re Dreaming About
  1. npharney says:

    This has just made me want to go on holiday so so bad! I think I’m going to Portugal, but you’ve given me so many more ideas now

    – Natalie

  2. Eva says:

    I’m going to Santa Fe on Tuesday!!! I love it there so much! Thanks for the vintage shop recommendation!

  3. Kelly says:

    I would love a trip in Denmark! Dreaming about it! Great 10 places to spend a vacation!

  4. Celestine says:

    Hit up South African beaches in December when its summer there. They are headed into winter there now.

  5. Lynn S. says:

    I was in Denmark two months ago and it was probably the best vacation I’ve taken yet. I was married in the City Hall there, and I absolutely loved every day we were there. The people are so kind, and everything is so easy to understand. Plus ~ even though Danish might be a daunting language to understand/try to speak, everyone speaks English! I’m actually going to post a blog about it on Tuesday!

    I’m going to be traveling to Interlaken, Switzerland, and I hear it’s a great place. I also wanted to try and get Greece, Portugal, and Spain in this summer! These are great suggestions!

    Lynn |

    • Jennifer Rose Smith says:

      Wow! That’s pretty cool that you got married there, Lynn. Good to know that most folks speak English in Denmark. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. I’m also very interested in Switzerland… I’ll look forward to following your adventures there online. Happy travels!

  6. bildoblog says:

    I consider myself really well travelled but I can sadly say I have only been to Sydney (and that’s because I live in Australia!). Spain and Greece are sooo on my list, and I cannot believe I still haven’t been to Denmark. Awesome list, full of inspiration for us avid travellers!

    ~Find me at the

  7. Natalie says:

    Urgh yes to all of these places!

  8. Luminita says:

    These are all great picks for a summer holiday! We all tend to look for sun and warmth during the summer season, isn’t it?

  9. Annie says:

    I went to San Sebastian last year – I absolutely loved it! The beach is beautiful and the pintxos are delicious! Sydney’s great too (though I’m biased since it’s where I’m from). Copenhagen and the Greek Islands are on my bucket list 🙂

  10. I enjoyed reading this amazing list until I read Chanel Dror’s comment about Africa. “I’ll admit that Africa wasn’t always at the top of my bucket list”. Chanel, there are 54 countries in the continent of Africa. Allow me to give you a list of beautiful places you could visit in the entire continent, and not just South Africa (or Zambia) and which is also mesmerizing but does not represent ALL OF AFRICA. As an American who has visited and lived in many countries in Africa most of her life, I would like to kindly point out to you that your statement is not okay, it spreads ignorance and stigma around an entire continent, when there is so much beauty and magic to see!

    • Jennifer Rose Smith says:

      Hi breakfastwiththebeatles — Thank you for sharing the CN Traveler map with us, and for voicing your opinion. I think there’s a chance that you may be projecting some fear and stereotypes of your own onto Chanel’s quote. She is admitting that visiting Africa is a recent interest for her, and in particular she wants to visit Zambia. Ignorance and stigma are two things we definitely don’t want to spread on our site. That said, you’ve given us some things to think about and an incentive to learn more about all the beautiful places in Africa. Thanks for being part of our conversation.

      • I have no fears and stereotypes of my own continent (because though I am American my family is from West Africa), I’m interpreting what I read as a clumsy choice of words, not as ignorance! We need to be more aware of this because statements like this can easily be misinterpreted as being scared of Africa, a vast, diverse and beautiful continent! I urge everyone to try to visit at least one African country other than South Africa (and its surrounding countries) and they will see just how much more beauty lies there! Peace and thank you for reading.

  11. Fatima says:

    all of the places you mentioned in this post look stunning ! I want to go to very single on of them

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