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How To Deal With Sexism In The Workplace

February 21st, 2017

During one of Career Contessa’s #CCMentorMonday posts on Instagram, we got this completely legitimate, complex, and essential question: “How do I deal with sexism in the workplace?” It was one of those questions that makes you go, “Ooh,” but then we immediately realized we didn’t have an answer. We’ve all endured those terribly long sexual harassment training courses, and it’s old news that sexual harassment is wholly unacceptable, but sexism in the workplace is unfortunately more of a gray zone. And gray zones are hard. So we’ll break it down for you below by defining workplace sexism and giving you tips on how to combat it.

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What are your questions about sexism in the workplace? How have you dealt with sexism before?

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  1. Yes, and a reminder: sexism is in the eye of the recipient of the behavior. If you feel it is sexist, you have every responsibility to question it. Often, the response back from men will be, “But that’s not sexism.” Do not accept that answer. Explore deeper. Converse and open men’s eyes. Men will respond in one of two ways: “Oh! I get it now. Thank you.”, or a less satisfactory response along the lines of “You are being over-sensitive.” The second attitude means more activity to bring that person along into the modern era where all people are respected.

    Go in peace, whatever you do. Bring your own inner wisdom and loving heart to all places where change occurs.

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