Articles from Lauren

Here’s How to Set Yourself Up for a Stress-Free Workday

The workday is notoriously known for being…busy. Urgent emails come flying in at all times, that meeting that was supposed to be 15 mins went over by a lot, and the to-do lists seem to keep getting longer even when you’re crossing things off. Keeping this all in mind, you might think I’m crazy when […]

10 Job Interview Mistakes That Make or Break an Offer

As Career Contessa’s CEO, I’ve run my fair share of interviews. There are candidates who immediately stand out for all the right reasons—most of whom I’ve had the pleasure of hiring—but then, sometimes, there are moments you remember because they made you wince. With that in mind, I took some time to chat with other recruiters […]

The One Productivity Hack We Can All Get Behind

I’m a nature person. Just last week, when I was bothered that a tree was cut down along path the Career Contessa team was walking during lunch, one of my co-workers (lovingly) told me that I’m a bit of a “tree freak.” Which, honestly, is fine. I am. And as a matter of fact, that […]

The 5 Rules of Being a Feminist At Work

In sitting down to research this piece, it wasn’t lost on me that the Career Contessa office is unlike any other when it comes to advocating for women. At the moment, we’re a 100% woman team, run by a woman CEO, and writing articles and throwing events specifically to help other women. And we’re doing […]

Could you be experiencing a Quarter-Life Crisis?

Forget teenage angst, goodbye dreaded 30 — the quarter-life crisis is here and it’s so, so real. Although I remember having this exact thought when I was 25, I also remember feeling alone in thinking that this feeling was just affecting me while the majority of the population had it together. But then I was […]

12 Must-Follow Instagram Accounts for the Empowered Woman

No need to spend time lurking your favorite accounts to find out where they get their inspiration — we already did the work for you. Comparison really is the death of joy. Mark Twain had it right, all those years ago. At Career Contessa, we think your social media feeds shouldn’t be about comparison. They should […]