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Why You Should Have a Career Mantra

October 19th, 2016

So there’s this largely forgotten film from 1999 called Bowfinger. Seen it? In the film, Eddie Murphy’s character, Kit Ramsey, has issues. Loads of them. But whenever he’s spiraling towards a breakdown, Kit’s therapist suggests he calm himself by repeating a personal mantra: “Keep it together. Keep it together. Keep it together.” K-I-T.

I have a point, I swear. Crafting a personal mantra has always sounded life coachy, cheesy, even cultish to me. When I imagine the sorts of people who take the time to write one, I don’t think of creative, interesting women—I think of strangely ageless dudes who do a lot of yoga in white linen.

So let me clarify: under no accounts am I about to ask you to write a personal mantra. Save that for after hours. Instead, what I’m about to suggest is that you do three simple things:

1. Start thinking of yourself as a brand. After all, that’s where the words “personal branding” come from.

2. Learn what a company mantra is.

3. Take the company mantra concept and apply it to yourself to create what we’re going to call a “career mantra.”

Easy, right? Here we go.

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