Articles from Erica

An Expert’s Guide to Investing for Beginners

Investing is one of those topics that sends people running for the hills at the mere mention of the word. And it’s no wonder! Schools don’t teach us that investing is a critical ingredient to building wealth —and they certainly don’t teach us how to do it. Well, let me fill you in on a little secret […]

5 Unexpected Things That Hurt Your Credit Score

When was the last time you paid for your groceries in cash? I certainly can’t remember that far back. With credit cards and digital wallets dominating today’s payment landscape, most of us are going cash-free. Between credit cards, student loans, and mortgages, our financial lives are more digital and automated than ever before. Not to […]

Do You Need a Financial Detox?

There’s nothing better than a good detox for your health and well-being. Whether you meditate to restore your mind, whip up green smoothies to cleanse your body, or practice yoga to renew your spirit, we all detox in one way or another. Similarly, it’s a healthy exercise to hit the restart button for your financial […]

4 Smart Ways to Spend Your Bonus Check

There’s nothing better than kicking off a fresh new year with a clean slate. That is, unless you start it off with some extra cash lining your pocket. While some companies reward their employees during the holidays with decadent parties and paid time off, many offer a year-end cash bonus. Before you spend it all […]

4 Money Resolutions For The New Year

December is a time for merrymaking, gift-giving, and basking in quality time spent with loved ones. It’s also the perfect time to reflect on the past year and to plan for the one ahead. As we approach January 1, it’s natural to think about how we can better ourselves in the year to come. Some […]

These Are the Best Apps for Saving Money This Holiday Season

Why does Black Friday always manage to sneak up on us? We have plenty of time to prepare, but most of us scramble to compile our holiday gift list before the big day. But now, scoring a great deal doesn’t have to mean waiting in line outside of the mall. As more of us transition […]

Is Your Retailer Credit Card Sabotaging Your Finances?

As summer wanes and crisp weather approaches, it’s time for a shopping trip to snatch up some chunky knits and over-the-knee boots. With the latest trends in-hand, we’re all bound to have a similar experience when the sales associate says, “You know, if you open a store credit card, you can save 20% on your […]

Why You Should Be Saving for Retirement (and How To Actually Do It)

If we conducted a survey on mystifying personal finance tools, my guess is that a Roth IRA would land in the top five. Most of us are semi-comfortable with 401(k)s, but for some reason, the “R” word adds a whole new level of intimidation. It’s no secret that millions of successful women are missing out […]

Finally, The Definitive Guide to Paying Down Debt

We all have financial goals, but there’s one uniting factor preventing us from reaching them. Whether you want to retire near a beach, send three kids to college, or travel abroad for a year, high interest debt can throw a wrench in your plans. And paying it down is easier said than done. Today, I’m […]