Get Your Finances In Shape for Your Best Summer Ever


By Erica Holland

Spring is in full swing here in Austin, which means the warmer temps are here to stay! It’s time to savor more meals al fresco, ditch our wools for breezy linens, and declutter our homes and wardrobes. But why stop there?

Springtime offers the perfect reason to hit the reset button, so let’s embrace a financial refresh while we’re at it.

Keep scrolling for some must-try ideas to spring clean your finances this season.

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1. Earn some side cash for a summer vacay.

Aside from the glorious weather and pervasive joy that accompany spring, the best part is that we’re so close to summer vacation. Whether you’re a self-proclaimed beach bum, an on-your-feet sightseer, or a combination of the two, creating a summer vacay fund is the perfect way to start the countdown.

In this age of technology-enabled side-hustles, making some extra cash is easier than ever. Consider selling some of your old clothing or jewelry with Tradesy or Poshmark. Earn cash and rewards for taking surveys on Swagbucks. Sell your unused gift cards on Raise. If you’re a dog lover, sign up to walk some furry friends on Wag or Rover. Before you know it, you’ll be jet-setting off with some fun-money lining your pockets.

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2. Find the perfect credit card to fit your lifestyle.

If you practice responsible credit card habits, then adding a card to your wallet can actually raise your credit score. The hardest part is just picking one from the universe of options! I’m a firm believer that your credit card should reflect your spending persona. Whether you’re a traveler, a student, an online shopper, or a credit card novice, there’s a card tailored to fit your needs. This curated collection of the best credit cards for every type of spender is a perfect place to start.

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3. Spend your tax refund wisely.

Now that tax season is officially over, some of us are expecting a nice little refund check from the government. While it may be tempting to spend it on a trendy designer outfit that will surely elevate your spring wardrobe, see if you can hold off. Instead, tuck it away in a rainy day fund. Or boost your retirement contributions. Since your savings and investment accounts compound with time, your future self will thank you.

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4. Invest in yourself.

While fiscal discipline is important, you shouldn’t have to abandon your general wellness to save a buck. A spring refresh should be a holistic exercise, and that means focusing on self-development in whatever unique way works for you. Maybe that means investing in a pack of spin classes. Or adding a new stack of self-help books to your nightstand. I like to use extra cash to enroll in online courses offered by SkillshareCoursera, or Udemy to update my skillset. However you decide to invest in yourself, being healthy, happy, and well-informed will certainly pay dividends for you down the road.